22 year old with autism and toileting regression

by Rebecca

I care for my 21 yr old daughter with lf autism. She suffers from severe persistent constipation and it's difficult to get her to take medicine. Recently she has become afraid to poop on the toilet and will hide in her room to go. She spends hours straining at it and if I try to help she gets aggressive. She is in diapers now but I'd like to get her using the toilet again. It's hard bc she's so uncooperative. Her stools are very large and have the consistency of old play dough but if I can get the meds in her it's a bit softer, although she appears to struggle just as much.

She also hates going to the dr. I haven't been able to get her to go at all in the last 6 months, but I took one of her diapers to show her doctor. He was concerned about it and sent a sample to the lab which came back as a high candida count (I know yeast plays a role in autism) but he said he can't prescribe her any treatment without seeing her. We have a behavior therapist who comes to the house three times per week and she is trying to work out strategies to get her to cooperate with going to the doctor. If we get her there she flips and starts hitting people.

Her diet mostly consists of chicken and bread. I'm at a loss as of now bc I can't get her to cooperate with anything. Its been suggested I put her in a group home but I know she wouldn't do well there. I want to fix the problem I'm just not sure what to do anymore.

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