Beyond potty training

by A very worried mom
(South Elgin, IL)

Our son is a happy, sociable 1st grader who still has

"accidents" especially under stress followed by lots of guilt and tears of embarrassment! I'm hoping that someone might be able to give us some help words of wisdom. The poor kid is humiliated overtime he has to go to the school nurse for clean underwear - almost once a month or so. Can anyone help? Can he really not know when its time to go? Am I missing something? This was never an issue with his older brothers (4 in all from 19 down to 7. Very concerned!

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Mar 28, 2011
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by: Anonymous

If the problem happens just about once a month - do check to see what does happen in school around that time - is there a visit by an authority figure that he may be anxious about - are there different activities and does it happen around the same time every month. Is there a bully around. Did he drink extra liquids that particular day.

To help him you must talk to him in a manner that does not embarrass the child. Give him confidence - talk about the incident with him. Assure him you love him despite the fact. Make sure the older children are more understanding about this situation.

There is no harm in mentioning it to your pediatrician if you think it's a problem.

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