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I have 3 year old who has sensory integration dysfunction symptoms and I need advice or tips on potty training him.

The SPD Help Line Answers...

Ah, this is a great question and one that I receive often. There is even another submission at the SPD Help Line with an answer and comments that you may want to check out. It was called "Poop Training" (there really isn't a "nice" way to say that, is there).

But, even more helpful for your situation and others who have SPD kids that are having difficulty with potty training? My July 2007 edition of The SPD Companion newsletter; SPD And Potty Training. It was quite extensive and I truly believe you will find some of the help you need there.

Also, make sure his SPD is additionally being treated and addressed by an OT so his entire system is being worked on. This will also help!

Additional questions or comments after reading the newsletter edition mentioned above? Let us know!

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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