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Welcome to the Sensory Processing Disorder / Sensory Integration book store. Here we will be posting reviews to the many various books on SID / SPD and related topics. 

Many of these books we have read, some we have not (yet). The topic of SPD is one of continuous learning and studying.

Because SPD can effect so many aspects of one's life (whether the individual has SPD, or someone they love does), the suggested books will include resources directly related to SID / SPD, as well as learning and behavioral issues which may result.

If you are a parent of an SPD child, a professional working with children, adolescents or adults with SID / SPD or related neurological and learning disorders or an adult who has dealt with learning and behavioral difficulties, these books will be just what you need.


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The Mislabeled Child Book Review - The Mislabeled Child is a book of hope, validation, reassurance, and promise like no other.

Sensational Kids Book Review - Dr. Lucy Miller's "Sensational Kids" Book Review; Come see why I feel the hope we have been waiting for is finally here!


Other Books:

Christmas Turtles - Read reviews of one of our SPD Parents, Sara Ann Denson's new book... Christmas Turtles! What a wonderful story and holiday gift! Get yours today.


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