Sensory Processing Disorder And Potty Training Go Together Like Oil And Water

Sensory Processing Disorder and potty training... a frustrating combination, a daunting task.

If you are the parent of a child with SPD you know that potty training is often difficult, to say the least.  Even though thousands of parents know this to be true, many don't really understand why. 

There are typical potty training struggles for any child trying to accomplish this important developmental task.  Then there are even more challenges that face both you and your child when trying to potty train if the child has SPD.  There are "simple" explanations for this, if you truly understand how Sensory Processing Disorders can and will affect a child.

To help you understand the specific challenges an SPD child may face during potty training, how it relates to Sensory Processing Disorders, and specific things you can do to help them, please read my in-depth article from my free monthly newsletter, the July 2007 edition of The SPD Companion  Newsletter:  SPD And Potty Training.  Once you have done that, here are the resources that may help make potty training your SPD child more successful!

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