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The SPD Companion, Issue #003 -- The Gift Of Support, Research, and Understanding
May 04, 2006
Welcome to the third edition of the SPD Companion..."The Gift Of Support, Research, and Understanding". Exciting things are happening, and have happened since we last met. It is time to get caught up with all the latest in the SPD world!

New SPD Book Is Released!

First we begin with the much anticipated release of Dr. Lucy Miller's book entitled "Sensational Kids". I am so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to read her book already, and I will say this... if you are involved in working with or parenting a child with SPD, this book is a "MUST-HAVE"!

Below you will find a link to my in depth review of the book, but I also wanted to personally tell you some additional things I learned.

  • Did you know that Lucy Miller is the ONLY full-time researcher for SPD?
  • Did you know that the reason more research had not been done before (and now) is due to a lack of funding?
  • Did you know that YOU can have an effect on funding just by purchasing her new book?
  • Did you know you could get published in Lucy's next book that she is working on right now?
  • Did you know that this book will begin an "SPD revolution" that YOU are now a part of?
  • Did you know that Sensory Processing Disorder is now clearly classified under 3 different types... SMD (Sensory Modulation Disorder), SBMD (Sensory Based Motor Disorder), and SDD (Sensory Discrimination Disorder)? All 3 of these then additionally have subtypes underneath them to more clearly define the exact nature of the disorder for YOUR child.
  • Did you know that these new classifications are HUGE?! They are the "in" with the medical community we have been looking for all this time. They will allow SPD to finally be well understood, able to be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated, as well as covered by your insurance.
  • There is currently a group, including Lucy Miller, who is working on the insurance reimbursement codes and sensory processing disorder classifications to be proposed for the next edition of the DSM.

    Insurance reimbursement will ONLY be official and guaranteed at the time in which the codes for SPD are recognized in the DSM. Based on the progress we are making, this is expected to happen. But until it does, insurance reimbursement may continue to be problematic.

    A list of diagnostic codes which are being proposed to help families and therapists receive insurance reimbursement can be found in Lucy's new book, "Sensational Kids". Currently, these codes are only for ages 0-3 and listed in ONE diagnostic manual, The Diagnostic Manual for Infancy and Early Childhood published by the ICDL. )...they are the first diagnostic manual to accept and code an SPD diagnosis. And THAT is a HUGE step in the right direction.

    But remember, so far, these codes will not apply to older children, and they may not guarantee insurance reimbursement (yet).

    For a list of more "commonly accepted" insurance codes therapists are using right now, you can visit:

    So, if you are a parent or a therapist and are having difficulty with insurance reimbursement, these codes may help.

    You can find information about the new codes and/or purchase the diagnostic manual at: I believe we will be advanced enough for it to finally be accepted into the DSM V when it comes out! This will FINALLY make it real and make OT evaluations and treatment affordable!

    Would YOU like a peek into the Lucy Miller's new book? Then click here to read my review of Sensational Kids. (The book can also be purchased from the book review page.)

    More Exciting Book News!!

    Since putting up our SPD Parent SHARE website last month (which I told you about in the last newsletter) we have had two more volunteer hosts join! This is so exciting!

    One of the two is Kari Kassir who is a physician in California. She is also a mom of an SPD child. She just wrote to me today to tell me:

    "I am so thankful I have so much support from you guys. What a wonderful community! I wish this group had existed when I was just starting out with my son. But Iím glad Iíve been led to you now. Already Iím learning so much from all of you!"

    But, wait, that isn't even the "good news". She has decided she will write a book about SPD specifically FOR PHYSICIANS! She too is frustrated with the lack of understanding and education in the medical the point where her own colleagues couldn't even help her with her son when she was seeking answers! (although I do need to note there ARE physicians that have been educated and have helped some families find the proper resources)

    But, can you believe this? How blessed we all are! Finally, the world of SPD is shaking up our very culture and knowledge base right before our eyes. YOU are all a part of it!!

    We will finally be heard! Hold on tight everyone...between Lucy's new book that just came out, and a PHYSICIAN'S BOOK??!! It's happening, it really is! Thank you everyone who is, and has been, a part of this!

    A New, AMAZING
    Sensory Products Company Is Here!

    Are YOU looking for AFFORDABLE sensory products?

    Well, look no further. I have found THE company that will get you exactly what you need at the most reasonable prices on the market (I have been talking about them for a while so some of you may have already found this out)!

    I am deeply concerned about parents who don't have the money to keep up with the products they need for their SPD kiddos. Since insurance has been an issue and will continue to be until SPD gets listed in the DSM V, parents have a lot of out-of- pocket expenses. From evaluation to treatment, therapy supplies to any alternative treatments, parents are usually forced to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to help their children. Some say you can't put a price on what will help your child. But, still there are families that just can't afford these things.

    Is this fair? No! Treatment IS expensive!! And it just breaks my heart to see parents (including ME) unable to afford some treatment and products that could make such a HUGE difference in our children's lives.

    So, where should you turn?

    The company that I HIGHLY recommend, above all other companies, is And this is why...

  • If you want QUALITY customer service, then is for YOU.
  • If you want over 10,000 products that are already out there for less money, then is for YOU.
  • If you want want a "friend" to talk to about what products might be best for your child, then is for you.
  • If you want hand-made, special order, weighted products that can be uniquely designed for YOUR particular child and last a lifetime for very reasonable prices, then is for you.
  • That being said I need to let you know, that technology is running behind. I am not sure if you are aware of just HOW LONG it takes to put poduct images and descriptions up on a website, but trust me, it is a LONG time.

    I just can't wait though... I want to let you all know this resource is available RIGHT NOW, for YOU! If you've seen a sensory product out there that you were interested in, I can almost guarantee has it.

    And, their line of weighted products is catching on so quickly for their impressive quality and design, that you will soon see them in the "bigger" catalogues (the ones you are probably already familiar with).

    So, I want you to know, all you have to do is contact my friend Lisa from through the link below and she will give you special attention and excellent service! Know that even though all the pictures aren't up yet, and it will take time to do so, they are my #1 choice for products BECAUSE of their interaction with customers, lower prices, and timely delivery of products!

    Check out their website and ask for anything you need, they will have it! Here is the link you MUST use for PRIORITY attention:

    Save this address on your computer somewhere so you can use it at a future time. With this code, Lisa will give you that "something special" knowing you were referred by me.

    Website Updates...

    Lastly, I just want you all to know a few things I have in the works right now and ask for your input regarding these new adventures.

    I am just now starting a total overhaul of my site, despite the countless emails I have got praising it. I know there are a "few" (oops) typos here and there. I know some of the products are no longer in stock at the stores I had recommended. And most importantly, I know I must include some very important NEW information now that I have read "Sensational Kids".

    Times are changing and the information is becoming more precise. I will get it up there as soon as possible! All of these will be part of the near future. So, just a reminder that the RSS feed and SPD Companion Blog will keep you up-to-date on the changes I will be making. Even if you see a page listed on the blog that you are sure you have read before, you may want to check it out again for anything new.

    YOUR needs matter...

    I want to make my site better for YOU. As part of doing this, I would love to hear your input so I know I am meeting, and continue to meet your needs! I want YOU to have a voice. I want to know what YOU think I can do to improve my site, and what information you feel is lacking, or that you want me to go more in-depth about. I certainly have all kinds of ideas, but I want to make sure they jive with yours.

    So, if you have a few moments, I would love for you to share some of your thoughts with me using the survey below. For me, this would truly be a gift!

    Make it as simple as you want. Answer all or some of the questions... it's up to you. Two words, two sentences, two paragraphs... whatever is most comfortable for you. And remember, this survey is anonymous (even for me!) so be as candid as you want. I surely appreciate anything you share with me. Thank you, in advance.

    All you need to do is click on the link below (or copy and paste the URL it into your browser) and the survey will be there waiting for you. Here's the link:

    Feedback Survey

    No matter WHEN you are reading this particular issue of the newsletter, months or years from when it originally posted, I still NEED your input!! Fill out the survey form ANY TIME!

    What's coming...

    I am currently working on two more sections for my site... "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Adult/Teen SPD". If you have any input for either please let me know via the above survey, or by contacting me through the "Contact Us" page. (Again, no matter when you are reading this, I can always use input and suggestions!)

    It has additionally come to my attention that we have some wonderful writers out there who have some GREAT stories about some of their experiences (some of whom have already shared with me...check out guest articles" to read them). If you want to share your story, I would be honored to put it on my site! If you are interested, you can contact me via the "contact us" page:

    Let's continue to build this site together. Let's make this site, these newsletters interactive...YOU matter so much to me. I want to KNOW you; your experiences, your needs, your concerns, and what we can do to continue educating and supporting SPD families everywhere!

    Thank you so much for your time!

    Together we WILL make a difference!

    Until next time my friends...

    Take good care.


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