7 1/2 year old still wets pants daily, dry at night...HELP!

by Susie

My son gave up diapers at 3, and from 3 to 4 was doing great with only occasional accidents. Around his 4th birthday, from what I remember, he started having more and more wet days at preschool.

He is now in second grade. Over the years we have tried sticker charts, a watch that beeps on the hour every hour, and instilling the help of teachers. Nothing works. Even when he is at home playing (3 feet away from the bathroom), he will end up wet because he was busy or too focused to notice. He always says he doesn't feel it, doesn't know when it happens.

He has recently been diagnosed with SPD. The neurologist has said that because he is 99% dry at night, then it is definitely related to the SPD. We will be starting back up with OT again soon, and have also been given a referral to do horseback riding therapy. I must add that my son functions quite normally in his day to day life.....has friends, is successful in school, and even enjoys different sports and after school activities.

PLEASE HELP! I just feel sooooo helpless!

thank you..........

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by: Anonymous

My sister still wets her pants at 7 years old.

My 4 year old daughter does the same and I am on verge of getting behavioral assessment too
by: Anonymous

I have a 4 year old going on 5 who is in the same situation and based on your post I am going to a local psychologist and request an evaluation.

The day time wetting is sooo frustrating I agree!

I have tried stickers that we "exchange" at the dollar store for something she wants - this worked for a week but she still had accidents.

I tried restricting her liquids except at meals.

I tried saying her MD said she had to take a nap when she wet her pants and she had temper tantrums for 2 hours.

I tried telling her she was out of clean panties - she didn't seem to care.

I asked her why she didn't tell me she had to go and she couldn't/wouldn't.

Today she wet herself less than 10 minutes after we got out of the pool from swimming lessons and she was dried and dressed and I was drying off! I asked her if she was wet and she nodded yes....

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