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Good news... Your frustration and confusion about your child - who may have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) - is almost over!

Finally!... A thorough explanation and a name for the behaviors and developmental concerns that exist - which seemed almost impossible to understand or cope with. 

When parents first find out about SPD, their reaction usually comes as: a "flash", a "light bulb moment", the "Aha!", "So that explains it!", "Oh, so now I understand!", "Why didn't someone tell me about this years ago?"

Sensory Processing Disorder: A New Name

This is the newest term for, and is synonymous with the terms, Sensory Integration Disorder, Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SI Dysfunction) and Dysfunction in Sensory Integration (DSI).

Sensory Processing Disorder is clearly classified under 3 different types... Sensory Modulation Disorder (SMD), Sensory Based Motor Disorder (SBMD), and Sensory Discrimination Disorder (SDD)

2 out of the 3 of these additionally have subtypes underneath them that more clearly define the exact nature of the disorder.

The Subtypes Under Sensory Modulation Disorder (SMD) are:

  • Sensory Over-responsivity

  • Sensory Under-responsivity

  • Sensory Seeking

  • The Subtypes Under Sensory Discrimination Disorder (SDD) are:

  • Postural Disorder

  • Dyspraxia

  • At this point, the term sensory integration is still being used to describe the theory and treatment, based on the original work of A. Jean Ayres.

    Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is used to define and describe the disorder / dysfunction symptoms - in hopes of making this a universally accepted "medical diagnosis" - thus enabling insurance reimbursement for evaluation and treatment.

    We Receive And Perceive Sensory Input Through Sights, Sounds, Touch, Tastes, Smells, Movement and Balance, Body Position and Muscle Control.

    Difficulty taking in or interpreting this input can lead to devastating consequences with:

    • interactions with others
    • daily functioning
    • social and family relationships
    • behavioral challenges
    • regulating emotions
    • self-esteem
    • learning

    Ever Wonder Why Your Child Does The Things He/She Does?

    • Do you wonder why they are excessive risk takers - jumping and crashing into anything they can ?
    • Why they can’t do puzzles - write well - or find the coordination for riding a bike or hitting a ball?
    • Why they cry or cover their ears with every loud sound - even vacuums, toilets or hairdryers ?
    • Why they don’t like to be touched or can’t be touched enough?
    • Why they will only eat macaroni and cheese and pizza?
    • Why they will only wear certain clothes or need you to cut the tags out of their shirts?
    • Ever wonder why you can’t seem to calm them down or get them to sleep?
    • Why they won’t put their hands in anything messy or use glue, Play Doh, or play with mud?
    • Why they fear playground equipment or being tipped upside down?
    • Why crowded stores bother them so much leading to major meltdowns in public places?


    Take some time to explore this site for more of these “behaviors” and to find the reasons why this apparent “chaos” actually makes perfect sense.

    Through this site, you will finally begin to understand - or further understand, why your child does the things he/she does.

    SPD - also known as SID - is still in the process of becoming widely accepted and treated by all professionals.

    Even though the theories have been around for almost four decades, much still needs to be done before the "word" has reached the millions affected by this neurological disorder.

    Now you can take this information and positively influence, understand, validate, "treat", support, and help so many children who are behaviorally and emotionally "imprisoned" by their ineffective perception and interpretation of sensory input.

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