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ADD/ADHD symptoms often overlap and/or mimic many symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorders. And, truthfully, these two areas of neurological dysfunction can be difficult to distinguish between.

The more we understand, the more solid research done, the better we will be able to sort these differences out. Certainly, an inaccurate diagnosis can lead to treatment that not only doesn't help the child, but may even be detrimental!

Adding to this "confusion" is the fact that many children actually do have both diagnoses. As Parents Magazine reported in June 2000, Dr. Lucy Miller (one of the top researchers in sensory integration / sensory processing disorders) found in one study that "more than half of children suspected to have ADHD actually had sensory integration dysfunction or BOTH conditions."

Although I will be writing more of the similarities and differences between ADD/ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorders, I would like to offer you some of the most comprehensive and helpful information on ADD and ADHD out there.

I know it can be difficult to sort out, so educate yourself on both! Then work with your doctor, pediatrician, neurologist, and/or OT to decide what treatment will be most effective.

Just keep in mind, treatment for ADD/ADHD will often be prescription medicine, where as treatment for SPD will not. If the underlying condition is truly ADD/ADHD medicine will help. However, if it is SPD, medicine will not! "Bandaids" don't get rid of the underlying "infection", they just temporarily cover the "wound" up.

So, I encourage you to gather as much information as you can about Sensory Processing Disorders (through this site and the related resources I have given) and ADD/ADHD (through the resources listed below).

THEN, discuss both with teachers, OT's, pediatricians, and neurologists to decide how best to address and treat your child's symptoms.

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