Sensory Integration Products: Helping Children With Sensory Processing Disorders Overcome Dysfunction Using Specialty Toys, Resources, And Equipment

Sensory integration products, in conjunction with knowledge and professional guidance, are the keys to treating and making accommodations for children with mild to severe sensory processing disorders.

In addition, these products will also benefit children at any age to help them reach appropriate developmental stages and develop "normal" sensory processing abilities.

The sensory integration products you will find here are designed to meet every sensory need in any environment.

They are geared for children, adults, parents, and professionals to help children with sensory processing disorders achieve maximum sensory processing abilities. Whether at home, school, or specialized clinic these products will ensure proper and effective sensory integration therapy.

The catalogs, merchants, and sensory integration products you will soon find here are essential tools you will need. Each product will address specific areas within the scope of treating children with sensory processing disorders (sensory integration dysfunction). For example, you may be looking for educational resources and books for teaching, learning about, or sharing with families, parents, yourself, children, or professionals.

Or, you may be looking for sensory integration products which will address specific areas of need/treatment, such as;


  • tactile input

  • proprioceptive input

  • oral-motor skills

  • vestibular input

  • fine-motor skills

  • auditory input

  • coordination and balance issues

  • or visual-perceptual skills

  • ...just to name a few. You may even want specific sensory integration products which will help your child develop and achieve age-appropriate sensory and developmental skills and milestones. Whatever you need, you will find it here; from therapy balls, adaptive equipment, to sensory toys and books, to suspended equipment, weighted vests and blankets, to vibrating pillows and mattresses. This site will be directing you to the resources, catalogs and merchants you need to purchase any item you are looking for in regards to sensory integration and sensory processing disorders and treatment/therapy. The variety of online resources is mind boggling and makes shopping, and creating ideas for treatment easy, convenient and affordable.

    Sensory Integration Products,Resources, And Articles:

    The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder - The New York Times calls it the parents bible for Sensory Processing Disorder

    Everyday Games for Sensory Processing Disorder: 100 Playful Activities to Empower Children with Sensory Differences

    Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues, Revised Edition

    Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

    Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight: What to Do If You Are Sensory Defensive in an Overstimulating World

    SPD Equipment - An extensive list of specific toys, products and sensory integration equipment to use for the treatment of children with sensory integration dysfunction / sensory processing disorders.

    Bubble Columns - Bubble columns are a great visual development tool for children and adults with SPD

    Swings And Swing sets For All Ages  Swings provide essential vestibular movement to help children achieve normal developmental milestones, keep their bodies calm, and have fun doing it! Check out swings of all types, from horse tire swings, to toddler swings, sling swings to backyard swing sets.

    Jumpolenes  Children with sensory processing disorders simply can't get enough jumping! They jump, they crash, they NEED to move and bounce. Give them the equipment to fulfill that need safely.

    Body Sox  How, when, and why...use Body Sox (tm) for individuals with sensory processing disorders to increase body awareness, proprioceptive input, and help tactile defensiveness or sensory overload. They work wonders for kids with Autism or ADHD too. Check out these cool lycra "stretch bags" for the whole body!

    Sand And Water Tables  Children with sensory processing disorders are the most important population to encourage playing in sand and water tables. Children with tactile defensiveness may avoid them, but do need to be able to tolerate this type of input. What a great way to introduce it to them.

    Seamless Socks  Truthfully, one of the greatest "miracles" in clothing design has been the increasing popularity of tag less clothes, seamless socks and tights. You are not alone! Many people are bothered by the feeling of tags and seams in their clothes and we now have a solution.

    Sit n Spin  Use the Sit n Spin anytime; the Hyposensitive child's arousal level needs to be modulated, the Hypersensitive child needs to have some necessary exposure to vestibular input, or with any child who just wants some traditional fun!

    Backyard Zip Line Trolley  Zip lines are a classic and irresistible outdoor toy that will keep kids (and adults) entertained for hours, days and years. These space trolley rides (as sometimes called) are the ideal toy for children who need both proprioceptive and vestibular input. These are great for building upper extremity strength, muscle endurance, and self-confidence as they fly through the air on an exhilarating ride!

    Hippity Hop Ball  Hippity hop balls have so many uses for helping kids with sensory processing disorders that it has almost become a staple of any sensory room or home therapy program. Great for kids who need more proprioceptive input. (hint: children with Autism LOVE these!)

    Weighted Vests  These vests come in a variety of shapes, styles, materials and colors and can be worn over or under the child's shirt. Help your child receive the deep pressure input his body is craving to calm and relax him throughout the day!

    Weighted Blankets  An informative article on how these blankets can help your child sleep. No more bedtime battles! The deep pressure input weighted blankets give your child will help their bodies calm down and relax for a soothing, restful sleep.

    Exercise Ball Chair  The newest craze in dynamic, ergonomic, posture improving, and sensory integration seating is the exercise ball chair. Ball chairs offer unbelievable comfort and sensory input for kids with SPD!

    Balance Boards And Balance Discs Use these great balance boards and balance discs for some fun therapy! Does your child have difficulty with balance activities such as riding a bike, jumping, running, playing on unsteady surfaces at the playground, and overcoming fears of feet leaving the ground, or walking on uneven surfaces? Then these are your at home therapeutic solution! 

    Dizzy Disc  A dizzy disc provides vestibular input for children with sensory processing disorder

    Chewy Tubes  Chewy tubes help children to keep from chewing on their hands and crayons and helps them focus and practice biting and chewing skills.

    Tender Tones Blanket  What a GREAT way to calm your little one...a soft blanket with the soothing sounds of mom's heartbeat! Give it as a baby shower gift, use it yourself, have one at Grandma's, etc. Your fussy baby will love to be soothed by mom's heartbeat day or night!

    Aromatherapy Machines  From children to adults, aromatherapy machines can have an amazing, almost sub-conscious stabilizing power over your moods and state of arousal. Use these machines to calm your senses in any environment.

    Nature Sound Machines  Nature sound machines are particularly useful for children with sensory processing disorders to help calm, soothe and relax. These are a great aid for sleep and can have an amazing effect on your child!

    Vibrating Mattress  Little ones with sensory processing disorders may absolutely need the vibrating input to help keep their nervous system calm and allow them a good night's sleep (and YOU too!).

    Vibrating Pillows  Children with sensory processing disorders enjoy and often need or crave the input vibrating pillows provide. These pillows have many uses from child to adult. Vibration is a wonderful tool!

    Play Tunnels, Tents And Huts  Play tunnels can be used individually or attached to tents and huts for creative gross motor play or a sensory escape. So many to choose from, use your imagination and create a fantastic therapeutic play or relaxation area for your child.

    Handwriting Without Tears  The "Handwriting Without Tears" program includes multiple resources for children, parents, therapists, and teachers to improve fine motor and handwriting skills. A must have in all clinics and within so many homes.

    Tabletop Easels  Use Tabletop Easels in combination with "Handwriting Without Tears Program" or by themselves for fun, creative ways to develop upper body strength, stability and fine motor control.

    Bicycle For Special Needs  Don't let your child miss out on riding bikes with their friends...all kinds of adaptations can be made, or specific bikes purchased for any need (wheelchairs to poor strength etc.)

    Moon Shoes  Put these on your feet and you will be bouncin' with the best of them. Get the proprioceptive input you need and crave to calm your body and have so much fun doing it!

    Ball Pits And Ball Pools  Ball pits provide a multi-sensory environment that will awaken the senses or calm them down. Check out one of the most fun and therapeutic types of play that involves auditory, tactile and visual stimulation.

    Bean Bag Chairs Bean bag chairs are the ultimate in comfort, enveloping and hugging your whole body as you sink into them. Deep pressure input is the name of the game...this IS WHY these chairs are so important for kids with sensory processing disorders. They NEED this input to help calm their bodies.

    Learn To Dress Dolls, Toys, And Boards Help children learn to zip, button, Velcro and tie with these cute, fun and practical learn to dress dolls and toys. They are one of many fine motor skills activities for children which will teach them basic, foundational dressing skills that they need. These are fine motor skills that must be mastered!

    Unique Children Sleeping Bags Children's sleeping bags are not just for camping and sleepovers anymore! Kids with sensory processing disorders can greatly benefit from using mummy sleeping bags or unique children sleeping bags every night in their own bed to help calm and relax them.

    Toddler Toy Shopping Cart A toy shopping cart is a great way to provide heavy work and proprioceptive input to those high energy little gremlins. The importance of "heavy work" for children with sensory processing disorders is HUGE! They need it, they crave it, they can't get enough of it. Try this mini version made of metal and bright colors!

    Power Paddlers  Now these are cool! Having fun in the water is all about using power paddlers! Basically, power paddlers are paddle boats for the arms instead of the traditional foot powered ones. Children with sensory processing disorders can't resist the proprioceptive input and "heavy work" these unique water toys provide!

    Music In Motion Roller Coaster Ride Give your toddler a thrill with the fun of an indoor amusement park ride. Help your child tolerate and integrate vestibular (movement) input. Both "under sensitive" and "oversensitive" children will benefit greatly. They both need to correctly receive and tolerate this type of input. And they will have so much fun doing it!

    Wooden Rocking Horses And Rocking Toys Every child should have the opportunity to calm and relax their little energetic bodies with a rocking horse. The back and forth motion of a rocking horse and other rocking animals and toys can be a great way to give your child soothing and calming input. A calm/relaxed child is a great goal!

    Toy Vacuum  Children with auditory defensiveness can begin to decrease their fears by using a toy vacuum. It makes it difficult to clean your house, when your child screams in a panicked fear at the very sight of the vacuum cleaner. Not anymore... they will tolerate this input better, engage in a heavy work activity, AND become your little helper!

    Ride On Toys For Kids When your child hits the 1 1/2 to 2 year mark, I guarantee you WILL be purchasing one or more ride on toys for them. Children, parents, and grandparents alike can't resist... AND YOU SHOULDN'T! Ride on toys for kids are an ESSENTIAL ingredient for proper development! These toys lay a critical foundation for gross motor skills and a child's ability to receive and integrate vestibular and proprioceptive input.

    Children's Wooden Covered Sandbox  If you want a REAL sandbox, then a children's wooden covered sandbox with benches is the best you can get! if you want the best in quality, durability, and practicality, then a children's wooden covered sandbox is the ONE to have! Great for children with tactile defensiveness for a gradual but necessary introduction to sand play.

    Beach Sand Toys  Really, who takes their child to the beach WITHOUT their beach sand toys? I truly believe EVERY child should experience sand and water play as early and as often as possible to develop their sensory systems properly! For children with tactile defensiveness and/or high energy levels who need heavy work experiences, I recommend any, or all, of these toys... sand diggers, a toy crane, a complete and unique sand play set, and cool sand molds.

    Water Trampolines Children and adults can benefit from the proprioceptive and deep pressure input, balance and coordination, cardio exercise and pure bouncing fun a water trampoline will provide. Why not add one to your house on the lake for some great summer family fun.

    Spring Bouncing Horses  Do you have a little "Energizer Bunny" on your hands? He keeps going, and going, and going...then spring bouncing horses can spell relief for your little vestibular and proprioceptive input- craving toddler.

    Children's Playground Equipment A comprehensive article on the benefits, and a great selection of, children's playground equipment. This includes; outdoor, indoor, wooden or plastic playground equipment AND outdoor playhouses, climbers, and swing sets!

    Jumping Toys For Babies  What parent or child can resist the jumping and bouncing fun with jumper toys for baby! Give them the proprioceptive and vestibular input they need. And, get the video camera ready for the grins and giggles!

    Reclining Hammock Chairs  A less expensive, easier to find alternative to the "Air walker" or "Cuddle Swing" typically used in sensory integration therapy. Children and adults alike will certainly enjoy the comforting, gentle swinging motion and "all-over-body-hug" that hammocks and hammock chairs provide.

    Infant/Baby Swings  If you are looking for the best baby swing, this is the place. Every infant should have an infant swing for it's sensory benefits! Besides, it may be the only way to get your baby to sleep or keep them entertained without holding them. Baby swings... a great sensory experience and an essential baby "equipment" purchase. (Hey, did you know they make portable tabletop swings now? You will find them here!)

    Rope Lights  Use rope lights in any room for a visually softened, or "jazzed up", effect! Great for sensory rooms as a safe, calming, relaxing lighting alternative. They can also be used as visual stimulation, if children are allowed to hold and touch multiple strings of various colors in a sensory exploration environment.

    Rotating Teeter Totter  Help your child get the proprioceptive and vestibular input his body craves with the WhirlyBounce Rider; a bouncing, rotating see saw!

    Theraputty  click here for a great selection of theraputty; in various sizes, colors, and strengths.

    Activities, toys and games to improve fine motor skills

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