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Aug 06, 2022

Aversion to buttons

Has anyone encountered this problem and do you have any solutions or ways to lessen the annoyance caused by buttons?

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Aug 05, 2022

Difficulty coping with braces (18 years old)

We are at a crossroads and need we continue with the braces or have them removed? Our son had 4 teeth pulled with no issue to make room for

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Jul 30, 2022

Child who laughs at wrong times...

I have an 8 year old son who laughs at his baby sister's crying. This is the worse scenario that his laughing happens in house, but he also laughs when

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Jul 17, 2022

Sensitivity to whistling

While in counseling for our middle son's (13 years old) anger problems, his sensitivity to whistling keeps coming up. He goes to instant angry when one

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Jul 13, 2022

Pants and Underwear Sensitivity

I was struggling to go through all of the other topics at once, so I apologize for asking something that may have already been answered. I might recommend

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Jul 01, 2022


I believe that spd and my intense visual aversion to certain things are definitely linked. I don't feel as though it's just a phobia. Does anybody else

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Jun 06, 2022

Tactile defensiveness - Sensory Overload - Clothes sensitive

I'm a 51 year old male that has always had trouble with sensory overload -- i.e tags in clothes, wind blowing on bare skin, clothing textures (can wear

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Jun 03, 2022

Is it choice

Please tell me why my child has such issues with such things as putting on uniform in the morning and have such intense meltdowns at thirteen that are

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Jun 03, 2022

I need help

My five year old was diagnosed with ADHD. Lately he started getting worst. In addition to always behaving hyper, he started laughing when bad things happen,

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May 26, 2022

Spitting continuously after brushing teeth

My 24-year-old son has started spitting excessively after brushing his teeth in the last few years. I hear him in the bathroom brushing his teeth and then

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May 20, 2022

Reglan use and Sensory Processing disorder.

I took Reglan during my pregnancy. I know I probably got my cervical dystonia from taking it. Is it possible that my son could of gotten sensory processing

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Apr 29, 2022

It's National Zipper Day! Occupational Therapy: Conquering the Zipper

Learning to zipper a jacket can be a complicated but functional skill for kids to manage. Coat zipping is an intricate motor planning process requiring significant fine motor skills.

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Apr 07, 2022

Smart kid-> "crazy out of hand"

Ever since I was a kid.. and now i know what it was. It was never my fault, it was SPD.

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Apr 06, 2022

From sensory issues to car seat belts

What do you do when your daughter has extreme sensory issues with clothing, sounds, voices, the worse though is wearing a seat belt in the car. I have

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Apr 03, 2022

Clothing sensitivity..... please help

My daughter is 4 1/2 years old and cannot for the life of her wear clothes. One day something will be okay enough to wear and the next day nothing is okay.

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Mar 31, 2022

My son has SPD and a constant battle of Bum Picking

My son is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with SPD since he was 6 years. I can deal with virtually every aspect of his disorder apart from his constant

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Mar 28, 2022

Daily Shoe Meltdowns

My 4 year old boy has a huge uncontrollable meltdown over his shoes every morning when I try to put them on. He had velcro shoes which were too loose

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Mar 20, 2022

Concerned mom about my 5 yr. old wanting to wear the same pajamas for clothes everday?

My son is 5 yrs. old he wants to wear the same pajama outfit all the time, only time I can wash it is when he's in bed-he will even sleep naked if i don't

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Mar 19, 2022

Adult with hyposensitivity(?) and sleep problems

I'll tell you what I've done that's mostly worked. Weighted blanket Ear plugs (I think the pressure in my ears helps) Melatonin or Unisom (trazodone

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Mar 08, 2022

Night time poop smearing in diapered littles

Saw many posts about this - wanted to share what worked for us. Posted as a comment, then decided it might be best to repost as a thread. There are better

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Mar 06, 2022

SPD or skin fetish???

My 6 year old daughter (diagnosed with ADHD combined, hypotonia, dev. dyspraxia) waiting to b evaluated by OT for SPD is always trying to touch the skin

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Mar 01, 2022

Son pretending to be pregnant

MY 3 yr old son will put balls in his shirt and play. As soon as he realizes I am watching him he runs and hides. He is VERY persistent about me leaving

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Feb 26, 2022


Should children with SPD be tested for Mthfr?

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Feb 24, 2022

Tongue clicking

Does anyone have ideas around this habit?

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Feb 23, 2022

Picking and Pulling Things Apart

My son is 7 and has recently started picking at his nails and pulling skin off to the point where they bleed. He also picks at scabs continuously and

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Feb 15, 2022

Is reflux and ADHD linked to each other?

My is 6 yrs old, he will be 7 in May. He has had reflux since he was a year old. He has just been diagnose with ADHD. He is at the understanding level

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Feb 13, 2022

Autistic/ADD/SPD Adults Exist

I understand your page is focusing on early intervention w/young children & will understandably be parent-centered, but there are thousands if not millions

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Jan 11, 2022

My parents don't think I have SPD

I am 14 and I believe I have spd. The only problem is that when I try to talk to my parents about it they snap at me and shut me down like I'm saying there

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Jan 11, 2022

2 1/2 year old tip toe walks, flaps his arms or clenches his fists, and vibrates his entire body when he is excited. What gives?

My 21/2 year old son displays many symptoms of the sensory seeker. As a baby he was inconsolable and is still using a pacifier at night. He is intense

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Jan 10, 2022

Prickly sensations in my son's hands

My son is 8 years old and has SPD. Lately he is getting sensations in his hands. He describes it as getting splinters. Sometimes it gets so bad that

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Jan 07, 2022

Pencil chewing

My daughter is nearly 8 and up until a few weeks ago sucked her middle and ring finger frequently. After many failed attempts she seems to have successfully

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Dec 18, 2021

Looking For Other Moms/Dads Of SPD Kids Struggling In The Chicago Area

We live in Evanston and we are looking to meet other families who are dealing with SPD issues with their child. We feel so alone and it is so scary.

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Dec 17, 2021

Dealing with a SPD Child...

I am a mom of 4 beautiful kids! I just recently found out my daughter has SPD, She is a 4 year old beautiful,smart,caring little girl. When she was born,

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Dec 07, 2021

Frequent Urination

Hi, my son is 8yrs. old, and has SPD. A little over a year ago, he started having to urinate alot. He is seeing a urologist, and they can't figure

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Dec 07, 2021

Pressure on chin

My son is four years old and he is autistic. Lately, he is been having this issue where he has to roll his chin against my elbow bone or any bones in

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Dec 07, 2021

3 year old sensory seeker with no speech

I have a 3 and a half year old little boy who is a textbook sensory seeker, and is extremely delayed in his speech and cognitive abilities. He has some

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Nov 23, 2021

Biting/hitting when excited?

My son is 2 1/2. I have had many issues with him since he turned a year old. He hit all his milestones within normal range, but I have always always

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Nov 18, 2021

For the Fear of Weeds

Absolutely! I have a child on the autism spectrum. If we could take the sensory problems away, the rest would be easy. For all you non-believers, imagine

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Nov 08, 2021

Hypersensitivity To Touch

I have a 7yo son that has a real issue with his clothes. He will NOT wear jeans. They have to be the sports pants or windbreaker type pants. They

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Oct 31, 2021

Tactile hypersensitivity

I have a 20 month old son who has always over-reacted to things. Recently however, bath time has become a nightmare! He used to love taking baths, but

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Oct 29, 2021

Haircut Fear

How can haircut fear be minimized in a 4 year old boy diagnosed with SPD?

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Oct 23, 2021

Sensory Processing Adults: The Forgotten Ones

Sensory Processing Adults: The Forgotten Ones By Lisa Graubart, LCSW-R Imagine bumping into walls, having difficulty negotiating space, being uncoordinated

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Oct 15, 2021

Self -regulation

My son is 3 yrars old..he requires exvessive time to fall asleep since he was he falls asleep soon if there's no nap during the day..if he wakes

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Oct 12, 2021

SPD and Scoliosis Brace

My verbally gifted son, age 12, has sensory issues, low muscle tone and dyspraxia. He used to have trouble with clothing tags and socks. Now he has trouble

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Oct 07, 2021


My son constantly scratches. He scratches virtually every part of his body. He has had eczema since he was a child, however he has none currently and

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Oct 04, 2021

Ear obsession

My three year old out of no where is obsessed with grabbing, rubbing, snuggling ears and rubs his face on them but only certain people. He mainly does

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Sep 20, 2021

5 year old vegetarian

My 5yo seems to show some signs of SPD in relation to textures and the sensation of being hungry. He basically only eats fruit, vegetables and crackers.

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Sep 12, 2021

Teachers Aid

I do believe SPD is real. I experience it myself. I am self-diagnosed. I experience being overwhelmed and needing time to recharge. As an adult, I have

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Aug 24, 2021

Potentially might have SPD?

I would always think my habits of having to constantly turn the brightness down on my devices or turning off lights around the house were just little habits

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