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Nov 11, 2018


I am 67 and have had a dislike for metal since a wee baby. I have learned to tolerate but, at times, cannot handle it: taste,touch, feel, smell. I don’t

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Nov 10, 2018

Trampolines and Sensory Processing Disorder

An exercise that a lot of children find very stimulating is jumping on the trampoline. This kind of exercise not only benefits those with SPD physically by strengthening muscles and joints, but it has shown to improve social skills in group jumping exercises as well.

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Nov 09, 2018

Dry Fingers/Hands on Fabric!!!

When my fingers become really dry and rough from the weather or especially after a shower, I can't stand to touch and put any clothes on until I put lotion

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Nov 07, 2018

Healthy Diets for Picky Eaters with SPD

5 strategies for getting your child to try new foods.

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Nov 07, 2018

The New York Times says that "The Out-of-Sync Child has become the parents' bible to Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)."

“Comprehensive yet easy to understand… helpful tools for parents to promote healthy integration.”

--The Exceptional Parent

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Nov 07, 2018

My son and his socks

My 7 year old son is so picky about his socks. I have to buy new socks all the time because he does not like the texture of them once washed. He says

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Nov 06, 2018

Chapped Lips

My 7 year old with SPD has developed severe chapped lips because he can't stop licking them. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did you do

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Nov 06, 2018

A child’s life with ADHD

‘What everyone needs to know about the disorder’...

Factors that are often mistaken for ADHD

Sensory processing problems: Children learn by getting information from their senses. However, some children have trouble handling this information. They may be over-sensitive or under sensitive to sights, touch, sounds, and smells. Sensory sensitive children may become overwhelmed or distracted by noises, bright lights, colours and so on which may result in restlessness and “acting out” behaviours.

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Nov 05, 2018

SPD And Hunger Issues

My child is always hungry and getting overweight Hi, my daughter is 8 yrs old and has just been diagnosed w/ SPD. She is 25 lbs overweight. She has

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Nov 03, 2018

No stitching, tags and please don't be tight .... uuugggghhhhhh

My 7 year old is now into her 4th year of not wearing underwear. When she was 3 she started being very odd about wearing socks. It started off not the

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Nov 03, 2018


Have you ever heard of a child who has either ADHD or SPD or both, or has one of features of the other? Think of a child who is impulsive in order to

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Nov 02, 2018

Set up a sensory bedroom for a child with Autism

For most families, the best location for a sensory room would be the bedroom.

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Nov 02, 2018

Dyspraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder

There is great comfort and empowerment for parents in finally having a name for what they’ve been witnessing in their child, as well as understanding how to help them cope.

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Nov 02, 2018

How theatre improves sensory integration

Theatre, like every other performing art, requires extensive practice and dedication, thereby disciplining your child. It also instills confidence and teaches your child coordination and how to work as a team, which are skills that definitely come handy in future. Besides, acting also improves one’s speech, body language and sensory integration.

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Nov 01, 2018

Preschool Writing Activities

Practical, fun, and simple preschool writing activities for that will foster and encourage proper fine motor development. Use these ideas to get them ready to write!

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Oct 31, 2018

How do I deal with the anticipation of being tickled?

I have a very hard time tolerating a light tickle anticipation. Even from a distance, it's very disturbing to deal with. I need some help.

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Oct 30, 2018

Seamless Socks For Tactile Overresponsivity (Tactile Defensiveness)

Can't stand the feel of your socks? Does your child refuse to get dressed or keep his socks on, then try seamless socks!

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Oct 29, 2018

Sensory Guppyween gives kids a special trick-or-treat experience

“Adrian is overly sensitive to different impulses around him,” said Chris. “It’s something called Sensory Integration. A lot of kids have it.”

The aquarium is hosting Sensory Guppyween. The usually sensory stimulants that do not bother most guests – loud music, flashing lights, and sizable crowds – will be eliminated from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. to give families with kids who have special needs a chance to experience all the fun, without all the stressors associated with their sensitives.

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Oct 28, 2018

Phil Jones

I only discovered proprioceptive function yesterday, 26th October 2018. I posted a question on a forum about whether others ever felt the wrong way round

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Oct 25, 2018

Questions about my 7 year old

My son has always been a quirky kid. He is a sweet little boy who is very affectionate and did almost everything on time and talked on schedule. But as

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Oct 22, 2018

Like mother, like daughter?

I am a mother to a 3 year old daughter who routinely checks some of the boxes on the autism screening questions. I have wondered if my daughter it autistic,

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Oct 17, 2018

Teenager with oral sensitivity

This issue has affected my daughter since she was 2 but I didn't know what it was until recently. She is now 15. It has a huge impact upon her life and

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Oct 16, 2018

6 year old daughter constantly invading personal space

My daughter is often very close to my face while talking (if she's eating she will be spitting food while she's doing it), she pokes my face, she squeezes

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Oct 16, 2018

We found comfortable pants for our very sensitive girl! Hooray!

Our daughter is 11 years old. We have struggled for years during cold weather, we live in the Midwest, getting her to wear appropriate clothing because

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Oct 13, 2018


My daughter lives in Massachusetts and my grandson has been recently diagnosed with ADHD, however she is believing that my grandson is also experiencing

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Oct 13, 2018

Positives of SPD

Girl with SPD here just wondering if anyone knew of any positive sides to having SPD?

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Oct 10, 2018

Clothing sensitivity..... please help

My daughter is 4 1/2 years old and cannot for the life of her wear clothes. One day something will be okay enough to wear and the next day nothing is okay.

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Oct 08, 2018

Teen with SPD

Hi, I have a teen with stand alone SPD. She also has anxiety and mild depression and lots of quirks that go along with SPD. She feels like she is the

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Oct 05, 2018

Adult thumb sucking

I am an OTR working in LTC. I have a patient who is 65 years old, mentally retarded, blind, severe contractures, and has sucked her thumb until she has

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Oct 05, 2018

Stroke survivor

I had a brain bleed that left me with sensory and proprioceptive dysfunction. Proprioception is like breathing for most people -- they know where their

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Oct 03, 2018

My daughter has SPD and can't "feel" when she needs to poop

My daughter is 3 1/2 years old. She has SPD and whenever she has to poop, she goes in her panties. She can't feel when she has to go. I don't know what

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Oct 01, 2018

Spd is so real!

My son is 4 and struggling with sensory issues. Public restrooms are a nightmare. No naps or calm car rides without his one favorite blankie. Anyone

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Oct 01, 2018


Hi... I am 55, like Gwen whose post so resonated with me. I have been a jumping and contorting daydreamer my whole life and was beginning to think I might

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Sep 28, 2018


Yes... I think it is real but it reflects on people differently. I think that people that have it are ether hyper or hypo which means ether they are actively

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Sep 26, 2018

Has anyone else read this book?

Has anyone else read the book Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Neurological

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Sep 26, 2018

Frequent Urination

Hi, my son is 8yrs. old, and has SPD. A little over a year ago, he started having to urinate alot. He is seeing a urologist, and they can't figure

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Sep 24, 2018

45 Years of Hell.

My name is Jason. Tomorrow I turn 45. I have been looking for the answers to a life of hellish tales. Everything from unexplained verbal responses or

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Sep 20, 2018

3 year old

My son is 3 years old, will only eat Chicken nuggets, poptarts and junk food. sometimes he wont even eat chicken nuggets and has a complete melt down and

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Sep 19, 2018

Is this a sensory problem ?

My grandson is 3 and only speaks about 10 words and they are not all clear to hear. He just started speech therapy. He is doing something strange: He

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Sep 18, 2018

New Awareness - Questioning the Possibility of SPD Inheritance

I had no idea...I spent my entire life with various issues; some I learned to cope with others cropped up or got worse. I’m 39 & just finding out that

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Sep 18, 2018

Anxiety in Adult Autism

My daughter (age 36) over the past 14 months has been given many different medications. Trintellix was the most useful drug she had and had been on it

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Sep 14, 2018

Can't Wear Clothes

Since I was young I've always had a very difficult time wearing certain clothing items. Socks and underwear were my biggest struggle as a child. I could

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Sep 14, 2018

Underwear or bra & now, she also has her period but is refusing to wear underwear or sanitary pads. What can help me with this?

My daughter's biggest sensory struggle is clothing and different types of material and how they fit and feel. She now needs to start wearing a bra and

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Sep 12, 2018

I stumbled on to this website by accident

I related to all of these symptoms and I am 20 years old. What are my options?

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Sep 11, 2018

Nail biting?

For years I've been biting my nails. I'm sixteen and I've been trying to stop for years... 2 questions 1. Is this at all related to SPD? 2. How can

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Sep 09, 2018

My son wants everything as tight as possible.

My son is six years old and was diagnosed with SPD and OCD when he was four. His issue seems different than the one's I have read and researched about.

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Sep 07, 2018

Daughter has a habit of shaking a pen or pencil all day

How do I address my daughter and try to correct a habit that I thought she would outgrow? It started when she was around two with a princess wand. She

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Sep 07, 2018

I very much need help with my 8 year old son.

Hello, my son can be the sweetest most empathetic little boy around. But when he has his meltdowns it is now dangerous for me and my other son. My 12 year

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Sep 04, 2018

Sensory disorder issues in learning to drive

My granddaughter is having trouble learning to drive. She has more trouble than average learning to make turns and other minor issues. I have taken

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