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Austin is seven years old boy and was diagnosed at 5 years old as being severely autistic.before that we went to several dr's to find out what was wrong with our child.The whole time we were looking for the right dr to diagnose him correctly.we went from being being pdd-nos to finally being diagnosed with late onset autism which ended up being a high functioning autism.wel to say the least we were a little skeptical on the diagnosis of Austin besides who could blame us for being skeptical about his diagnosis we saw three different specialist and had gotten three different diagnosis so who could blame us for being skeptical.

So when we got the last diagnosis that Austin was definitely autistic, During that same year we mad a transition and moved from Georgia to Michigan were Austin was enrolled into kindergarten and from the start we knew we were gonna have serious problems with him. Austin was disruptive and could not focus or stay on task he could not do the work that was giving to him.. his kindergarten teacher at the first half of the school year recommended a pediatrician who specialized in diagnosing children with autism and adhd and recommended us to the dr.

So we took Austin to see the specialist and the dr had agreed with the diagnosis of autism she also recommended us to

another dr who specialized in autism and adhd, So let me say this in the 2 1/2 years of trying to find the right diagnosis and wouldn't you know it,it was the very last Dr we saw. The dr said that Austin has all the sign of having sensory processing disorder and recommended that we get him right into sensory therapy and i gotta say the difference in him is remarkable with the right medications and therapy he is a happy little 7 year old.

This website is dedicated educating parents as well as adults who suffer or have children who suffer from this debilitating disorder.When i 1st found this website i was skeptical but then i kept reading and my son Austin fell into all the categories and i can say without a doubt that after 2 1/2 years of looking for a correct diagnosis i am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that my son has sensory processing disorder.

the hardest thing about being a parent is knowing there is something wrong with your child and you are helpless because we as parents do not understand or know what this child is going through and there is nothing we can do to ease the pain they go through but with websites like this that are dedicated to the education of parents and adults with this disorder gotta say thank you..

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Mar 03, 2014
I have triplets boys 4 years old.
by: Adriana

I have triplets boys 4 years old and I'm sure they have sensory processing disorder.I was reading about your son and was he able to talk? because my boys has 2 or 3 open words but not in sentences at all.

Please let me know if your son had speech when he was 3 or 4 years old.

Adriana Arnold

Sep 30, 2011
the happiness goal
by: Emory Clark

What a lucky boy you have! Just yesterday I was watching a similar 9 year old boy as Kathryn,(perhaps the best OT in the world)worked with him on a Movin & Grooving SWRING.

He also has deformed arches making standing, balancing and bending over very challenging - nearly impossible. In 18 months on the Swring he was laughing (totally new to him) and pretending to be on a rocket while Kathryn pushed him. He also bent over each trip around on the Swring and picked up bean bags which he tossed in a target box. please check into Swrings at It could be the next step in your son's happiness.

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