Autism & Tramatic Brain Injury

by ashley milliken
(hobart, in)

I am a mother of a child who was born with autism spectrum and after his 2nd birthday we were in a very serious nearly fatal car accident. Now hes 4 with both separate and similar issues. It seems as though his TBI has worsened his sensory, mood swings, and physically limited him. I have researched hours and cant find anybody who has had similar circumstances. Should i focus on one thing at a time? try to get him to walk again and forget if all he wants to eat is chicken nuggets and french fries? i should be thankful he even eats, right!

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Jan 22, 2014
Autism & TBI
by: Demise Price

Hi Ashley. I'm a mother of a son who 19 has Autism and a TBI
Facebook, Denise Price Brooklyn, Michigan

Oct 19, 2010
Possible help
by: Cheryl

Hi Ashley,

I have just read your comments re. your son's TBI. I am just offering a chat if you think it would help. Both my husband and I work with children with special needs. My husband is also a qualified Pyschotherapist and he too personally suffered a brain injury as a young boy so is able to empathize with children in these cases much more. He really has been there! If you would like to make contact, email me on

Best Wishes


Jul 26, 2010
SPD with Trauma
by: Cindy

My son is 4.5 and has SPD. His appendix also burst in the spring and he underwent some very scaring experiences. His SPD has become so much worse. He was asked to leave his preschool for aggressive behavior.

We are now seeing a clinical psychologist, as well as his regular OT. (Not sure how we pay for all this!) Things are improving, but it is so slow and still so very hard. We are also going to try sending him to a Montessori school.

At this point, we are focusing mostly on his psychologist sessions. Trying to help him work through his emotions.

My heart goes out to you. I wish you the best.

Jul 23, 2010
by: Sandee

Hi Ashley;

I have a son who was a preemie 1lb. 5 oz. who is 10yo now. He seems to be in a lot of categories, but what seems to be the issue of late is eating only beans and rice for lunch and dinner I pick my battles and focus on what is current, at least he eats i tell myself. he is aggressive and out of the blue it seems, he loves his radio and sometimes that is a factor with his melt downs hang in there i am sure there is support with TBI for children.


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