Bipolar vs. SPD

by Joy
(Denver, CO)

Our 30 year old daughter has decided that, although diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, she has Sensory Processing Disorder. She has no diagnosis of SPD. Her 3 year old has been diagnosed with it, and she is also convinced that her son, age 8 has SPD. As I read over the checklist, I found that her 8 year old son ( who we are raising) has a few characteristics in several areas, but no one area that sticks out.

My concern is that our daughter will refuse treatment of Bipolar Disorder because of this belief. I'm going to read the rest of this website to be thoroughly familiar with the various categories of SPD. Does anyone have suggestions about my concern?

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May 03, 2016
52 and figuring it out
by: Traci

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder nearly ten years ago, but have suffered with the majority of the conditions on the list here on this site. I read that BPD and SPD can be co-morbid. The symptoms list explains a great deal more about what I've experienced all my life (and continue to experience). I do take meds for mood regulation, but am seeking a therapist to evaluate me for this disorder. I'm having trouble finding such a therapist, since the majority tend to deal with children. I wanted to comment here in case there are other older folks like myself who have experienced these symptoms. I don't think this is just a childhood disorder.

Nov 17, 2015
SPD and Bipolar
by: Anonymous

Bipolar and SPD can be co-morbid, and there are suggestions emerging that they could be causally interlinked, so just because she has SPD doesn't mean she wouldn't need bipolar treatment, and bipolar treatment could alleviate her SPD

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