Confused/worried mum of 11 month old


I have been reading all the stories on this site but still not sure. My gorgeous baby girl does a few things that i am not sure of. I do have a 10 year old for comparison.

My baby is 11months old.happy and hitting all mile stones. BUT.. If i am holding her, which she loves, she clings so tight, if she cant get get material she will cling to my skin.

She hates being strapped into anything (car seat, pram, high chair) she doesn't cry but she goes very stiff. She is able to fall asleep in the pram or car seat tho.

The most worrying thing she does which has not been mentioned on this site is go stiff when she is playing or sitting. She will be playing and crawling happily and then her knees go together and clasps her hands tight. It seems to be worse when she is getting tired. She leans on her hip as she does this. She is completely aware and looking around etc.It is the same position she adopts in the pram, car seat and high chair.Knees together and hands clasped tight and chin down. This happens a lot over the day.

She is also petrified of the hoover and hair dryer. Other loud noises don't bother her. She doesn't like eating when people she doesn't know are talking around her.

She goes down awake in her cot like a dream in the day and sleeps soundly although night time is less calm. More often than not she can sleep through tho.

Help, i am worried about her.
Has anyone else had the stiffness spasms?

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Jun 19, 2009
could be
by: Madea

My one mo. old son has already learned that if he holds his arms and legs stiff and puffs out his chest I cant buckle him up in the carseat nor stroller (pram). And he doesn't always fuss. sometimes he just looks at me like "so what ya gonna do now?" We call it "control issues".

Jun 17, 2009
Medical Eval?
by: Kim Sullivan

I would definitely be concerned about the stiffness. Perhaps discussing this with a physician or pediatric neurologist would be in order. There are seizures where a person does not loose complete awareness as well as possible tics. It may not be those things either, but I would get an evaluation just be to be sure.

I read about a woman who thought she was mentally ill but actually had an undiagnosed seizure disorder. Since I read the book today, that's probably why it's my first thought.

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