Dr: Amal

by amal

my daughter Yomna she is now 9 years&9 month.

I started to notice that she is not normally growing as her peers since she was one year old. she was falling from stairs frequently. but walking was normal.

she tried to hold spoon but easily get fatigued or frustrated .she is very picker eating , she was small for date prenatally then at birth she was about 2.8 kilogram. she had tongue tie so operation was done at 10 month old. she was crying all the night i sought that is normal but after having 3 other children i believed it was excessive. she learns languages fast. but not math. she cannot use pen effectively till now.she expect me to learn her every thing although my other children learn alot of things from others. i always pay attention to her although she is the oldest child in our family. she always need advice& instruction.

i live in Egypt started to work as a pediatrician 2 years ago i tried to help my daughter many times but i cannot diagnose what she having till found ur site so maaaaaaaaaaaaaaany thankkkkks to you and ur site i will follow reading and expect to find the right way here thanks again.

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