Finally found you guys

by Fred
(Southern nj)

I am as desperate as all of you for answers. I am also under the impression that I must have a form of autism and that it is indeed a burden and a blessing. I would love to get to know you all a lot more and maybe together, with the help of professionals, we can actually be proud of this and use this gift to make our futures better in real life instead of just in our heads.

I am 40 btw and live in south jersey. I too was told i needed help at an early age. I was yelled at by my mother and made fun of at school till i learned to control it. My son now has it. It has helped me to invent and so much more, but also has held me back in other areas. You cant make money off of inventions if your poor lol. Please lets figure this out. Even if its too late for us, lets do it for our children.

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