Genital sensitivity

My 5 year old daughter has been struggling with genital sensitivity for quite some time now. It is getting more noticeable now that she is wearing bathing suits. She complains that it feels like she's "stuck together."

We have tried different types of diaper ointments and they helped temporarily, however she now complains that the ointments are sticking to her underwear.

During the day, she frequently squats (almost walking like she has something between her legs) or stretches one leg out to the side to relieve this feeling. My husband and I don't know what to do. She does not appear to have any type of rash, etc.

It is also not a sensitivity to clothing as she will do this when naked as well. please help!

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Jun 06, 2022
Sensory issues
by: Anonymous

Hi just wondering how you got on/are getting on with this as my 8 year old is currently having issues around her genitals particularly at night. She has an asd diagnosis although she is "high functioning" rare is the day where she doesn't have some sort of an issue whether it be with sensory issues or generally a situation she struggles to deal with. Currently she goes to bed most nights with an ice pack and often wakes in pain/fear. The problem with General practice doctors is that few any real understanding of these sorts of issues and ultimately we have to become the experts.

Oct 21, 2019
Regarding Genital Senitivity
by: Marie

I am 47 years old.I was born with a sensory processing disorder and genital senitivity together. It has made my life difficult,but not impossible. I've had to find a middle ground for clothing. My parents decided when I was young that I would never be able to tolerate underwear or any tight garments around my genital area. So I wear loose knit pants or bloomers under dresses. It has mainly been about how to be modest, but still comfortable. My swimwear is a three piece (shorts, shirt,strechy bra). I've also had a lot of therapy to help me feel more integrated with my body and improve my communication skills.

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