by by Alison De Vall-McMurray
(Tyne and Wear)

Well, I have just read that and thought, yes, she does that, that and that. I have wrote quite a bit down so I can go armed to my GP. Actually some of it describes myself. Sorry I am rambling, but a bit shocked to find that there is a name for the way she behaves. My daughter is 9 and has always been difficult.

I have had a constant battle with her and her Teachers and Medical Professionals. Looks like I've still got a long way to go but at least now I feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

She was a difficult baby, didn't sleep through till she was 4 and that was only because I drugged her! (Herbal treatment). She still has bowel problems and wet herself until last year, day and night. She struggles with school work, like maths and English. Is very matter of fact and you have to be straight with her for her to understand.

Cries and has a tummy ache when it comes to homework. Is two years behind at least with her reading. Had glue ear and has grommets fit but still has to be told umpteen times. Will only wear boys clothes, sports wear, no labels, has tantrums if I dare to ask her to look tidy, dresses like a tramp. I avoid shoe shopping if I can. Hates hair brushed, nails cut, showers, she will scream. Doesn't really play. Likes to be outside with the boys, roughing it.

Will watch TV all day if I let her. Hates touch, loves her cuddly toys. Loves salt. Has same thing for lunch every day (cheese). Has a great sense of humor and loves being the fool therefore getting all the attention. Loves drawing, music and drama. And most all I love her the way she is but would just like to know how to deal with her.

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