I am Jonathan's grandmother

Underlying sensory issues---Jonathan is 3 years old, does not talk .....he only eats some yogurt, peanut butter, picks at wheat bread, some crackers.....He drinks almond milk with baby oatmeal in the bottle about 2 - 3 per day.

He gags at times....shows signs of anxiety...for the most part is happy.

trying to find some foods that he would be willing to try. I watched him "touch" pasta once , however, that as far as it went.

I was wondering what was meant by dealing with underlying sensory issues from your article meant...maybe having this piece of the puzzle would really assist in hopefully finding some foods that he could eat with freedom.....and give us , especially his mom some peace.

Thanking you in advance for this valuable information...

I remain.....

Jonathan's "Nana"......


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