Levi needs help "Do you have any ideas"

by Linette Hall
(Lehi, Utah USA)

Please don't use the unedited, I've been threw so much with a son that spins 3-5 hour a day, and we've been to four schools in one year.Levi who is a 4th grader without medication

Sensory Processing Disorder:
He cried a lot as a baby, (colic )

He only used hand signs, never ask in words: if hungry or for a drink, always used handsigns

He only wears cottons shirts and sweet bottoms (doesn't care bout color or size too big/small)

He could be awake 8 or more as an infant with few hours of sleep (never took naps)

He has only slept a handful of times in the day time, no matter the time he goes to bed, soon as the sun comes up, he is awake (it needs to be dark and on melatonin for sleep to happen)
He can use buttons, zipper and tie a knot on table, yet struggle on him-self
Unless on medication (time to do it,and less distraction)

He struggles getting dressed

He can't ride a bike, I have to push him for hours and he loves it (not enough muscles)

We lost hundreds of dollars, my husband would put Levi in all types of sports activities
the coaches would call and say he's spins and don't come back (in a lot of sporting events)

He still chews things, and feel things in his mouth (force him to eat real food)

He is a very picky eater, we have to tell him to eat (He must have supervision or starve)

He hates hair cuts, but loves it when he has army shave/mostly bold

He hate baths, loves swimming

He gives me 10-20 hugs a day

He loves loud noise, it wakes the A.D.H.D brain up
He could go to any stranger, he only wanted to held and it didn't matter who it was
He hugged the doctor after giving his first shoots

He needs to feel, touch, and physically know his surrounding (doing something)
Easily distracted because of surrounding
Doesn't like new tasks, but likes repetition

He is very coordinated with his hands on table table, and but struggle with gym (excises)
Not good in reading, writing and math
Will skip non-visual picture words
Can't use his fingers very well when counting, needs beads or cereal
Doesn't like hair or teeth brushed (needs help)
Seek out messy play (loves to be messy)
Run into things or fells down and he doesn't cry
The cuts and bruises he gets, doesn't bother him
Loves spicy foods, very salty or sweet (will turn down sweets if not hungry)
Loves vibration on body and will let me rub him for an hour or two
It's the only time he'll sit still is when he's being vibrated
Will never tease or became mean to others
Will spin for comfort/play for 3-5 hours per day
Loves to be wrapped it taco shaped blanket (sleeps in a curled up position)
Grins his teeth (even at one)
If there is a tiny pine whole in shirt, he'll rip it (even in class,they have to get another one)
Medication : 1-3 responds to name _ Without medication : 10 time or more before responding
Need to have supervision, always (he craves it too)
Can't identify smell, but loves to smell things
Has difficulty on what words to say and how to say words
Levi who 4th grader without medication:
School think it's Asperger's Symptoms, but I feel it's S.P.D.!
Avoid eye contact when spinning, 3-5 hour spinning a day
He usually has one object in his hands, while spinning
staring at it, feels it, put it in his mouth, smells or swing both arms out while he holds it
He sometimes enjoys singing or is very quite, while spinning
He'll invite friends over or goes over to friend houses, he won't play, but spins
He attention in on the spinning, it calms and helps his stress
He could get hurt by cars or sharp objects, he doesn't notice while spinning
He can spin in class or the whole time at recess without stopping
School told me ?that's Levi?
He signed for water and hungry, until 6 year of age, never said it
He could bump into a brick wall and didn't cry
He can't handle change, he will get frustrated and cry
LaVerkin Halloween Party was at 9:00 and

Cedar Party was at 2:00 and he cried the entire time, because it was the wrong time.
He only wanted to touch dinosaurs and weapons, then spins with it
He would want me to line up the dinosaur and put a tag of their names on them
He is not interested in other toys, but dinosaur and weapons
He wanted the room objects in the same place or can gets upset (about 5-6 years)
He would laugh and cry in his sleep, for long periods of time
He has lot of unreasonable fear
He needs to have someone in the bathroom, or he's scare of going in by himself
(working on this problem- the school told me ?That Levi?and it's a big problem)
He is in a really bad mood, if anything is interrupted or changed
He loves people and wants to be social-
He'll rarely plays with others (5years and up) if he does, he losses interest in about 5-10 min., he rather spins or run on his own (He is getting better.)
He never likes being alone, but he doesn't notice your there or not, because his spinning, his in his own world (if he knows your gone, he'll cry from his fears)
He never fought with his sister until a year ago, never really had opinion
He gets upset easily when things get to hard
He wanted to be held all the time and didn't want me to put him down ever! (infant)
He doesn't pretend play or imaginary action heroes- he's likes to spin
And other child ask, ?Why doesn't Levi play with me??( trying to work on it)
He only eats pancakes for breakfast and pizza for lunch (fuzzy eater)We have to use ticks to make him eat.
He lost 20 lb. In Cedar without sacks, he eats like a bird and needs to eat every 2 hours
He is lot calmer when there is no change (change make his A.D.H.D worse and he is more moody)
He doesn't like sitting in front of TV or siting down for long periods (likes to be on the move)
He loves high pitch loud sounds, it wakes his brain up
He will make lot of non-human sounds and sing his own tunes
He uses his body to show his moods, he is very emotional, people knows how he feels
His spinning is effecting his life and I feel it's because of S.P.D. and I've only found about it this week!He can think and process things much faster on medication
He can sit 20- 30 min very calmly. (doesn't like to sit very long, likes to be on the move)
without medication, it's 5 to 10 min.
He doesn't absorb information sitting down, learns more by doing (Kinesthetic Learner)
He jump to subject to subject or project to project (short attention span unless he is on medication
He's impulsive and will interrupted when talking
He will jump in front of cars without thinking, medication helps
He has trouble listening, in his own little world, 1-3 of prompting him
Then ?WOW!, I'm right here and I'm ready to listen? It clicks in in his brain that some one is talking. (loud noises and medication helps)( without it 10-12 prompting)
He won't do something, if it feels to hard (cries and feels frustrated)
He'll remember it and cry himself to sleep (he wants things in order or with perfection)
He wants to please
We ask he to do something (every day little tasks, easily distracted)
There is so much to do and so little time (then spins for comfort and not do it)
He spins for play, with one toy, not interested in sitting and playing
He is changing and learning to develop this active
He tries to play with kids and wants to be social, and spins
He forgets things -
There was a paper clock on desk with times of actives/ what he need to do and not to forget home work (that worked)
He needs extra time to think and process (less tears)
He hates being bored, (He loves to keep busy)
He wants to be social, but lacks the skills

Your welcome to email me: I need good Doctor's and Great teachers, any help or idea, Levi needs it.

He's sister is 3rd grade on third grade level.
munchcheechee@gmail.com Thank you! Levi's Mom

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Apr 19, 2011
by: AJ

Have you taken your son to an occupational therapist (OT)for an evaluation? There can be a lot of cross over issues/symptoms with children with autism and children with SPD. It can be difficult to sort out. If you haven't taken him to see an OT, I would recommend starting there. I see you are in Lehi, there is an awesome OT in the Bountiful area, Roxann Beauregard (801-292-8665). If you are willing and open to it, you could come north to meet with her. She's full of resources and ideas. :)

Apr 05, 2011
by: marina

I dont have a great deal to do with this but do know if left the kids will find their own ways to deal with the experiences and needs they have.
The hardest thing to do is trust your own and his instincts go to ot they finally diagnosed my son after 5 years with sensory issues.

I did not listen when people said about him eating with his hands later found he needs to feel his food had muscle weakness causing difficulties holding cutlery and pens.

spinning is common in autism dont know if this helps
A weight blanket with pockets is good can easily be made where he can place toys inside as it helps comfort them and balance as their bodies feel strange at times.I left my son to take different textured things in the bath to pour scourer flannel all kinds of strange things but if it is what he wants why stop him.
there are chew things you can get or a sports bottle if you are worried about it he can chew without it being noticed by others too much and is safe

hope this might help

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