Mommy's Tried Everything

by Beth
(Hauppauge, NY )

I have a 6 year old son with SPD. He was diagnosed at 3 and has received OT services through CPSE and privately.

When he transitioned to Kindergarten they took the OT away. This is the problem i still can not get a handle on. He will not wipe himself after a bowel movement. That means when he is at school and has to go he holds it.

Same thing happened when we had a babysitter for the day when we went to see a show. The result is then sometimes constipation.

How can i get him to wipe himself. I told him if he gets dirty, he can wash it off with soap and water right after and he would never know it was there.

I am hopeless with this issue.

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Wiping yourself
by: Anonymous

two ideas that can make this process easier.

1. Lubrication: This can be done two different ways: a. moist wipes (flushable) carried in a pocket in a snack pack zipper lock; and:
b. a small container of lotion that can be put in a pocket to moisten the toilet paper. If caught dry, the soap dispenser can do it.

2. Squat. When squatting, deeper penetration can be attained and therefore cleaner job. Don't stop until the paper comes up clean.

I don't think he needs to be observed. You can offer to assist if he wants to. He should know this is basic stuff, because if he doesn't master it, his school mates could start calling him stinky. They think that is funny stuff at that age.

by: Anonymous

Hi There,

I don't have any input except to contact your school & try to get to services again. My son has problems with sensory integration & a behavioral therapist has been the best treatment.

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