Montessori school for kids with SPD?

by CHG

Our 4.5 year old son has SPD (over responsive). He also had a traumatic hospitalization this spring from a burst appendix (of all the things! so frustrating and awful!)

As a result, he started having severe behavioral issues - aggressive, throwing, hitting, out-of-control tantrums. He was asked to leave his preschool. We are now looking for a calmer, quieter, more structured school - but also flexible for his special needs.

I'm wondering if anyone has experiences with Montessori schools for kids with SPD? In particular, we are in the Longmont, CO area and we are looking at Mountain Shadows (AMI certified) and Jarrow (AMS).

Thanks for any ideas.

p.s. He has been seeing an OT off/on since he was two and is also currently seeing a child psychologist for his appendix trauma.

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Jun 28, 2012
Feingold Diet and Montessori Helped
by: Monica

I noticed problems with my son when he was about a year old. Things became progressivly worse when I had my second son (they are 20 months apart). He was biting, and spitting a lot!

To make a long story short, I changed my son's diet. We went on the Fiengold Diet. We avoid artificial colors, flavors, preservatives,
sweeteners, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and MSG just to name a few.

His behavior changed drastically, but there were still problems. We changed to a montessori school, and he improved more. At his new school we fouind people who were willing to work with him and really care for him.

He has come a long way, and is making steady progress.

Oct 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

Our son was asked to leave Montessori as well and we have continued trouble. Every day is different and it leaves us and his teachers at a Waldorf program scratching their heads. The issue is that you must find folks that are willing to do the work to explore the challenges your child faces. What is more, much of the therapy and work that needs to be done seems to exhaust the kids and exacerbate emotional issues. Ahhhh, good luck we are at the beginning of this road as well,

Best, Tony.

Sep 21, 2010
Put your fighting gloves on!
by: Anonymous

I am in colorado too and have a son entering into kindergarten now ...get your bootstraps on cause IEP's and the process is yet another fight. You would think teachers and principals came from outer space - they do not understand any disorder and try to treat all kids the same....everyday I come close to telling someone at the school to F*** off that we are working on an IEP.

We just hired an educational advocate to help us sort through the process and force the school to do legally what they are supposed to do for him.

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