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by Susan

I am an adult baby boomer with proprioceptive dysfunction and have been identified as over-sensitive all my life- from sounds to fabric etc. I also struggled in school with learning disabilities that were not identified until I was in graduate school. (Too bad they did not understand the primary problem was SPD).

As a young child struggling to read with both visual and audio-tory processing challenges no one knew what learning disabilities were let alone SPD. I chewed my nails and needed to put pressure under one nail to the point of almost causing pain. In the sixth grade I clearly remember getting so upset I could not go to school b/c my mother could not get my shirtwaist dress tight enough not to brush against my skin. I think my whole family thought I was a nut case.

At 64 years of age I still struggle with not hearing the ends of words and not being able to "see" words or letters fast enough to know what people are saying. Of course I have learned to cope with the learning and sensitivity problems but the damage to self esteem and confidence were significant.

What finally clinched it for me was when I realized that other people could close their eyes in church (or the shower) without falling over. I was thankfully referred to a

vestibular specialist who diagnosed my problem. turns out on a unique camera that took close up shots of my eyes they were bouncing around rapidly. You could not see this when looking at me. The other problem was with my ears/brain. I laughed at the daily exercises she gave me and was thrilled to find that it worked. Today I can stand on one foot and I do not fall over when I close my eyes. I am still very sensitive to the motion and can "feel" an elevator moving in a building before I recognize there is one. (Such a gift) Funny thing is that I found my way, without knowing into working with children as a psychotherapist. Children with SPD, ADD and Learning disorders and very relieved to see that I have succeeded in spite of being retained in school, not being able to read or spell. They find it, and so do I, humorous that I have written several books when I was told I might never be able to read.

Unfortunately, SPD does not get enough attention yet. Professionals are too quick to see ADD, ODD, RAD and other problems without exploring information about SPD and the treatment options available to children.

If there are gyms or coaches in the Atlanta area that work with SPD adults please pass this information along!

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Jan 24, 2014
SPF 7 yr old deveoping anxiety,excessive fears
by: Kelly

Thank you for sharing your story. My daughter is 7 and diagnosed with sod at age 4. She had 2 yrs of OT. Did great in school until this year,in first grade. She has less movement timel, less physical activity and has more academics. She has developed sudden onset of anxiety,panic attacks, excessive fears that she never had before. She is fraught with worry for part of her day,everyday. I don't recognize her. School psych has referred her for outside anxiety help. I am wondering if there is a connection to her sod,and needs not getting met that is manifesting this way. I don't want to assume she has a mental based problem,treatment ie OCD or anxiety dz. are there therapists or psychologists who understand spd and examine treatment through this lens with re: to sudden onset fears and anxieties. We live in LA. Please, any help or comments.

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