My 22 months old son could have written the SPD checklist!

by Yvonne

..and he also has some slight OCD tendencies,..he NEEDS to close all doors in the house, if a door doesnt close right or we tell him not to close the door, he gets so mad that he screams and hits himself, when he is done eating ALL the tings that are on the tray on his highchair have to be TAKEN OFF the tray, or he freaks out!. I randomly found this website and i am so thankful, i will set an appointment with a pediatrician ASAP to hopefully get some help and find a way to deal with this.

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Mar 07, 2013
RE:22mo old could have written
by: Anonymous

My 24 mo daughter is the same w/ doors and removing her empty plate,cup etc. from infront of her when she finishes a meal. My other 2 kids were like that too. Many children in this age range have what to us appears to be "OCD" or something,but it is in their nature. They are learning, and right now they believe this is the only way,because they can't fathom other ways. We need to show them it is ok for a door to be open, an empty plate to be present. Or, we can indulge them and let them do what makes them happy.My older 2 outgrew things like this by 3/4 years old. As for matching up w/ the checklist, yes have him checked out-the worst they can tell you is yes this is him, and the best is yes, this is him. Good luck. ~Sociologist in Fl.

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