My 3 year old grandson I worry about

by Helen s
(Cambridge MA)

My three year old grandson at the age of 2 hated buttons near him. You could not put a shirt with buttons on him, nor pick him up if you had buttons on your shirt.

The second this was if you touched his hand he would have to lick them (odd)

I thought over time this had decreased, but now recently II have noticed not only does he do the licking often, he now will not allow you to hold his hand if you have nail polish on. He is very vocal, and when asked he says Nani my body tells me to do this.

He can play solo, and you don’t see the licking often, it is when someone touches him. He will have a melt down, and tell you that "you touched me"

Desperate to know if anyone is going through anything similar?

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Apr 26, 2012
3yr old
by: marjory glasgow scotland

Hi this is called sensory issues, if you look up proprioception, sensory processing disorder.

The licking is probably the sensation that your grandson craves, the thing about nail polish maybe the smell, my son has problems with noise, called oversensitive hearing. Their are lots of issues involved with this condition. Have a look at A.S.D aswell.
Good luck

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