My personalised sensory bedroom

by Amy

Hi, I am Amy. I have autism. and I love sensory rooms. I go to the sensory room at pepenbury but only once a fortnight for half hour. I dont get to go in there as often as I want because other people need to use it too.

One day I went into my friends bedroom and I said
"your room looks like a sensory room"

her room has christmas lights, a light up feather boa across her ceiling, a bubble light projector, and a twirly rod hanging from her ceiling.

I thought to myself
"if she can do it, so should I if i really want to, what a good idea!"

So one day I decided to personalise my own sensory room. I got myself a projector that makes patterns on the ceiling but it gets very warm so I keep it on for up to an hour. A few weeks later I got myself a bubble tube which changes colour and also makes a patterns on the ceiling. I have also done some sequin art and put it up on my walls and it sparkles in my room when the sensory lights are on. I have a sequin vest that i put over my mirror and some sequin stars i have on my ceiling. When people come into my room, they comment on how relaxing it is.

when i get distressed or upset, i go to my sensory bedroom and switch the bubble tube on and watch it. It always makes me feel so much better, it really works.

my favorite colour is deep blue, because i find it fun and relaxing. The best colour for a sensory room.

I am really happy with my sensory bedroom, and I love personalising my own room.

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Mar 31, 2013
RE: personalised sensory bedroom
by: Lyn

Dear Amy,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. You are an intelligent and creative person. I hope I can also see what my son wants in his room to help him focus and relax.

Mar 26, 2013
sensory room
by: Anonymous

Amy, thanks for posting this. I have a 7 yr old son and i am going to put some of your ideas in his room - i know he will love it and i would never have thought of it myself!

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