My special boy

by Shana

My son has all sorts of the symptoms listed. He is seven now but as young as 2 i remember that when i used to jog with him in the stroller the moment a truck would pass us he would put his hands to his ears and refuse to take them down. eventually i had to start bringing head phones and let him listen to music. this was the first year that we could go and see the fireworks at the park in stead of 2 miles away so the sound wont send him into a tizzy.

He wont eat meat that has not been processed, no kind of cheese because of the smell,and eats no form of eggs. he threw up in the cafeteria on the first day of school because of the smell. he cant go into pet stores once again because of the smell. if he see something he doesnt like he will throw up. like if you are eating and you dont close your mouth. he hates to brush his teeth(the sound of running water used to be too much in the morning),his hair or wash his face. Cries when i say the word shower and has breakdowns when i say dentist. As he has gotten older he has learned to cope with his issues better. I just thought that he was sensitive and spoiled and never thought to talk with his doctor about a disorder but on his next visit i think that i will.

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