Our Journey.

by Ashley

My son is 4 years old. He has always been different but up until recently i thought it was just normal and he would grow out of it. Over the summer I really began questioning why he did the things he does and why he acts the way he does. At his 4 year check up I talked to his doctor about his behaviors and oddities. He went with the wait and see approach. the doctor wanted to wait until he was in kindergarten then to see if he changed. I was not thrilled about that at all. So i contacted our county special education co-op in November. They tested him for speech and took a bunch of info. I talked with the phycologist and after the testing and reviewing the info I had given them they said he MAY have some sensory issues, ADD, some behaviors the COULD put him on the autism spectrum scale, and MAY have some proprioceptive issues. My son just started pre-school in January and this last week his teacher sat down with me and asked if he had any sensory issues (I had not mentioned any of my other convo's to her at this point) and she continued to explained why she thought he may have some and gave me some tips.

I got curious about SPD and found this website (which is great, by the way). My son fit perfectly into some of these categories! We are still on a wait and see time frame because the special education office wants to get to know him better before labeling him (which ok and I understand why they do this) but this website has given me some great tips and tools/toys to provide him with that will help him with the sensory things! I even recommended this website to my best friend whose 4 year old daughter if very similar to my son.

We are on the road to understanding my son and I cant be more excited to gain the knowledge and help others become more aware of sensory disorders!

Also i have read some of the stories on here and I just want to say how sorry I am that some of the adult aged people who have sensory issues still aren't understood. I also I am happy to see the number of parents who will not take "i dont know what wrong with him/her" or "lets just wait and see" or "its all in their head" for an answer! We are not crazy and we are not bad parents! There is something wrong with our kids and we deserve answers!

Take Care everyone!!

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