Please help!

by Kayla
(San Diego CA)

I am attempting to communicate with our pediatrician our 2 1/2yr old son's struggle. So there is no consistency with it but he is sooooo impulsive and has a constant need to touch his sister's hands. He has a very high pain tolerance, thrill seeker, constantly banging everything, cannot sit still, harms others, will hit himself, needs constant stimulation and motion, while laying down for rest he's constantly rubbing his feet together, it appears (only sometimes he has no idea we're even talking to him). This list could go on and on.

We have done private parent coaching classes for us in an attempt to change how we redirect him but it seems we make great progress then regress then we're fine for awhile then regress. I'm so frustrated I can't help him be more productive. Sometimes he constantly is repeated himself and when requesting something such as water - it has to be water/ice/apple juice, it has to go in that order or he gets excessively upset that things are not going the way he thinks it should in his mind. It's so hard to capture videos on the behaviors because they are so random. He runs instead of walks, will swing as high as possible all day, nothing seems to satisfy him for longer than a minute other than the swing. He is very coordinated but has a hard time concentrating.

I'm not sure if he's just two or there is something else going on. My intuition from birth is that there has been something not exactly connecting neurologically, I am an RN so have some medical background although I do not specialize in children or neuro disorders. Please help! We live in San Diego and are willing to try anything to help him and keep him and his sister safe!

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Jun 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

Many parents struggle when they feel helpless whether you are a medical person or not. Your son needs to be evaluated. You need a professional. Hopefully your pediatrician can recommend someone such as an OT or neurologist. It's a place to start. Before going, create a diary or log of sorts so that you have documentation to show the professional doing the evaluating. This can help them. Write down dates, times, what he's had to eat, how much rest he's gotten and how is is behaving, good bad I between, etc.

Whatever the diagnosis, never be afraid to ask for help in school, out of school, etc. there are people struggling eighth e same situations and there iare support groups out there for you once you know what you're facing. You are your child's best advocate.


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