Hi , I just finished reading the SPD check . It is very useful . My 3 years old daughter has some of the SPD like head banging , she eats only soft foods and the most scary part is that she non verbal but she babbles alot like a baby . I had bleeding in early pregnancy but was okay after my first trimester and her delivery was fine , she came a day before my EDD , I had epidural for pains . Her weight was almost 8lb . She is such a sweet little girl and I want her to TALK so badly , we are waiting for her referral for ASD . She could say bye ,(kicking) for chicken not much words though and she is not consistent with the few that she has and literally drags me by hand to get something she wants and those not point at things at all . I want to know if she will ever speak and have a two way communication . Please someone help me with answers .Thank you. Charlyn.

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Aug 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

if you are open to the idea, (while you are waiting) start learning and using some basic sign language. there a many benefits to teaching and using sign language. i have studied it for years, am fluent in the language and have taught it to my children at as infants. they were able to communicate before the age of one and it has helped with their verbal skills and their abilities to express themselves. www.signingtime.com this is a link to some great educational, fun videos for beginners. :) good luck.

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