SPD?? perhaps Oral sensitivities? Advice greatly appreciated

by Sandra

I have a 18month old boy - who suffered with glue ear from about 6 months, had grommets inserted at 12 months and was told would take a while for his babbling/words to catch up.

Well he is 18 months now - still no babbling, finger pointing, waving bye bye, no talking or communication but is interactive and excellent eye contact.

He likes to rub his or my hair, shakes his head from side to side as if saying no (only sometimes), flaps his fingers (only sometimes), is not walking unaided, is cruising furniture, but when we try to get him pushing a walkie toy or to walk between us he get very upset.

Finally I find that he loves smooth pureed foods and on the other hand loves lumpy like sausages and chips, waffles, fruit (all types) etc.... but absolutely has a complete meltdown if I try to give him mashed food like potato mashed with veg and meat or spag bol - like he cant' cope with the two textures mixed and by meltdown I mean screaming crying, tears like we are torturing him.

Does he sound like he has SPD???????

Comments for SPD?? perhaps Oral sensitivities? Advice greatly appreciated

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May 08, 2010
thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you so much for replying - I've felt like I have been loosing the plot and no-one is believing me - but I just know there is something wrong - the waiting is the hardest part.

My daughter had sensory issues when she was a baby and now they have all gone - we have been blessed - so hopefully the same will be for my little man - so hard


May 07, 2010
well, to me....
by: Anonymous

it sounds like SPD. I'm not a Dr. only a mom to an aspergers boy, who was and is still the same about foods, hand flapping (in front of his eyes). And many other sensory issues that have emerged with age.

Thats the hardest part, waiting to see what develops. But early intervention HELPS GREATLY.
Hes 6 now, still has those issues, always will, but he is learning how to cope and live with them.
It really seems like he does have spd.

But the only real way to know is to take him and have him evaluated by an OTR or OT if you cant get the OTR.

Good luck, its a long road, but its do-able, hang in there and TOTALLY educate yourself, because as he gets older, they will try to blame his behaviors on other things (home), unless you are armed with info and paper work from Drs. to prove it!
Get early intervention ASAP!!
You'll be ok!!!!!
And so will he!!! LOL

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