Support to all with SPD

by Fish

I support all parents who are willing to learn about their child and search for help. Pat your backs.

We are parents of a child who is 6 going on 7yrs. old girl.

She has SPD with some auditory, etc. She wears a very soft cotton used skirt / 4t shirt that stretches every wash / every night we put her clothes in the freezer for the next day wear, no socks, or tennis shoes only flip flop or crocs. Winter boots are like UGG but not, only fuzzy inside the boot. Slid in / off. Tennis shoe liked until outgrew Merrell with zip up. No socks except fuzzy socks to slip / slid on floors.

She will only wear full piece bathing suit only getting wet to swim in pool or lake. Sometimes in sprinklers yet loves to run around in baggie panties with cut elastic. That works cuz she likes little elastic around the waist. Panties we are stuck on one size bigger than her size which she likes loose around her butt cheeks / we cut the frilly elastic off just to the top of her panties to still give a hold of elastic. Wash, wash, wash and we used Dreft for the non-itching feeling and no scented softeners. Dry in the dryer for softer feel.

To go to bed, we allow her to sleep in her panties which she gets hot with pjs on and does not like the feel. Two kinds of bed sheets she will sleep on (#600 cotton sheets / flannel). She has all ways slept with a fitted sheet and no sheets only 100% polyester fleece blanket bought through Jc Penny's. She has her pillow in one spot and sleeps

with a railing/ two long body pillows with flannel or cotton covers.

She loves the feel of being pulled around the floors with her polyester fleece blanket to get the pressure, jumps all the time like afrog, seeks spinning in chairs, jumps on a Jump Smart mini trampoline that plays music or not. Loves art, swings, listening to reading not lot of music outloud. She is a creature of habit. She is very literal ex. in school she went to the bathroom and she did not know she could stop and get a drink in the hallway before she went back to her classroom. She keeps it together at school, yet more comfortable at home.

A new clothing shop will open online in Nov.2009 it is called ( seamless socks, clothing and even invent your own clothes.) Has anyone tried Hanna for soft clothing. Very soft yet my little didn't fit the underwear style. I might try again tho.

We as parents forget that our child has SPD or etc.
We are working on Sat through Sunday that she picks her routine.
1. wake up ( a cartoon, computer game, or movie)
2. eats
3. dress (this wk. puts her same clothing on for the week) then add a new outfit in (try)
4. Teeth
5. Hair (brush)

This routine is soooo stressful cuz dress part is not always easy for her. It is like her body temperature is off degrees with hot or cold weather. When she wakes up it takes her an hour to function before she eats, so we wake her up a 6 a.m. every school morning to get her tasks ready.

If anyone has any other ideas please let me know.
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Jul 25, 2009
How Amazing
by: Anonymous

Hi, I don't think you're an idiot at all. The fact that you noticed a change in your daughter's behavior is a good thing. Even though her behavior has changed since your husband has left, you can still keep an eye out for other things she may be doing. Keep up the good work!

Jul 25, 2009
by: norma

All I wanted to say that I felt exhausted after reading your story :) I know how you feel. It' non stop all the time. My daughter is almost 13 and I'm just figuring out and convinced that she has SPD.I'm making an appt. this week. I wish I could meet people like us. I really need it.

Jul 25, 2009
How Amazing
by: Jacki Brockett

Wow I don't know what to say when I read this it was like reading the opposite of my 6 year old daughter that will be 7 in a couple days. I can say I am actually proud of her she which I never understood would never wear tank tops shorts blue jeans tennis shoes wont wear her hair up and I just could never grasp why. Her father and I are getting divorced and ever since we left she has started wearing tank tops blue jeans tennis shoes and shorts. I don't know but I believe in my heart that while we were living with him he was the main and natural cause for all of it especially the hair she would never let me do her hair cause she wanted to hire her "ugly face" as she would say and now it is all different. I could be wrong though but you never know someone please tell me if I am or if I am being an idiot.

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