I have a child 3.3 months in my day care class that I am very concerned about and who may have sensory processing disorder. My class is made up of 19 children mixed ages 3 and 4's and 2 children that will be three this Dec. The boy has difficulty socializing with peers. Often times I have to separate him from classmates and restrain him in a hug type position because of hitting, pushing or throwing objects. (which he does not like)

He is a dual language learner. His first language is Spanish. He does speak English. He can recite the alphabet, identify animals and characters in stories in English but cannot respond directly to questions such as "What is your name?" or "How old are you?" He loves music and in fact music and movement is the only activity that he is usually successful in. He is very energetic and can be aggressive towards classmates. HE will try to sit in a chair a child is already occupying, he will force himself in the play space of a child or children.

Today at nap time it took one hour for him to fall asleep as he kept getting up to use the bathroom, walk or jump on his cot and yell in loud voice. I am concerned for his safety and the safety of others. After I left today at 4:00 p.m. my co worker called to let me know he had thrown a magnatile block at a child and caused the child to bleed.(no stitches) He has bit two children already and tackled several others This week we are having a second meeting with his mother since the school year started in September.

How can I get across to the social worker at my daycare and the parent that he needs help? I am thinking the first step is to have him tested to see exactly what the problem is. Many times children stay in the same classroom setting for months before administrators or parents take the next step.

Please let me know what you think.

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