My 8 year old is struggling at school.

by Mary adams

My 8 year old is in Year 4 and he's really struggling in his studies.From infant his teachers have always called me in or sometimes at parent's evening it's been the same thing" that he's behind everybody. My son is a very good boy he tries to catch-up but he finds things hard and he finds it hard to remember things sometimes. The school have tried, they have even called in a school psychologist to access him but it hasn't worked. Am so sick with worry not knowing what is making him not understand things like other children of his age.

Is there anybody with some advise I will be grateful.

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Rule out learning disability and bullying
by: Anonymous

Hi Mary,

I've been facing the same problem with my son who is 8.7 years old and can understand how frustrating it can get. We recently got our son evaluated and found out that his cognitive abilities and IQ were in the above average range however his processing speed is below average. Due to this although he is able to understand what the teacher is teaching, he is unable to keep pace with the rest of the class. We also found out that he is being bullied in the class which is adding to his anxiety. I'm not sure if we've managed to catch the problem but atleast it's a start. Don't give up and keep digging.

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