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Below is a list of autism resources because discussing sensory processing disorders / sensory integration issues without addressing Autism is impossible! In light of that, we will tell you that we contemplated long and hard about dedicating sections within this site to these disorders, as they relate to sensory integration / sensory processing disorders. At this point we feel it is better to leave this to the specialists and direct you to the most comprehensive resources on Autism.

Truly, there are some incredible resources out there for professionals, parents, families, and individuals affected by these developmental disorders!  Therefore, want to lead you to some resources and articles written by those who truly specialize in these disabilities. THEY can give you a better "gift" than anything we can provide at this point in time.

Please bear with us as we build this list of autism resources, and check back often for the latest links. We have also included a section below where you can share your experience, strength and hope and any insights you may have to share with the readers of about SPD and Autism.

Essential Guide To Autism - Discover Vital Information About Autism & Check For Autistic Traits - Get What Really Works!

Autism And Sensory Integration (SPD) - Autism and Sensory Integration Dysfunction (Sensory Processing Disorder) are similar, but different types of disorders.

Overcoming Food Obsessions In Autism - parents of children with autism must monitor not just their children’s behavior but their eating habits, too.

Making Learning Fun For Autistic Children - Children with autism seem to learn best when the instructional material is presented in visual form.

How To Show Love To An Autism Child - Every single autistic child is different and will react to almost everything differently. Here are some tips for showing your autistic child affection.

Autism Anxiety Overload - For autism anxiety overload, try behavioral and dietary modifications first, to see what improvements can be made naturally.

Activities For Autistic Children  - Activities for autistic children that they can do at home or at school. For Ages 7-16.

Autism And Supplementation - It's a matter of trial and error.

10 Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew

Autism Research - Only more autism research and better funding for that research can get us closer to the ultimate goal of helping these children




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Doctor vs School 
My son started seeing a developmental therapist when he was 18 months old for a speech delay (a speech pathologist was not available). At age 3 he aged …

Autism or SPD in 2.5 year old? 
I'm a mother of a 2.5 year old who was recently seen to be diagnoised with autism. The therapist that he saw was on the fence about his symptoms because …

HELLO. I am a mother to a son turning two this july. last april 25, he was diagnosed with GDD AUTISM NOT RULED OUT. he mouhths his toys, no speech, little/no …

Autistic son 
hi my son is 4 nearly 5 and is asd, wondering if anyone can help, he has been super hard since the min i fell pregnant, but he still throws major tantrums, …

Lady Di 
I have a son that was born in 2009 @ 25 weeks. He had an 85 day stay in the hospital. When he was around 6 or 7 months old he was diagnosed with Sensory …

Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder 
My son was diagnosed last year with autism. Now he is four years old and in preschool and I feel that all of the problems that he faces daily are all sensory …

SPD vs Autism 
How do I know my child only has SPD and not autism also? I know technically his diagnosis terminology doesn't matter but I feel he may need more therapy …

Is SPD a form of Autism? 

I dont know what to do!!! 
My 7 yr old son does have SPD but the thing is I live in Saudi Arabia and the sad thing is there is no help here for him , some one who can tell me exactly …

Autism & Tramatic Brain Injury 
I am a mother of a child who was born with autism spectrum and after his 2nd birthday we were in a very serious nearly fatal car accident. Now hes 4 with …

SPD and Autism  
HI I was looking through the sensory checklist as I have a 2year old who exhibits a number of these traits he was diagnosed at 2 with ASD and I was wondering …

Good and bad days with Autism? 
My 2 1/2 yr old has something going on. She definitely has sensory processing issues.. I dont know if she has Aspergers but i truly believe she has some …

Aspergers/Autism diagnosis 
Hi!Need advice. We had our 6yr old evaluated for Aspergers/Autism by a medical doctor that works with autistic children and a doctor of psychology.Both …

SPD and autism 
Is SPD the same with autism? Or is a child diagnosed to have sensory dysfunction an autistic?

Is Sensory Processing Disorder considered to be on the Autism Spectrum?  
Is Sensory Processing Disorder considered to be on the Autism Spectrum? If not, what are the main differences between those with SPD and Autism?

Mother of Autisic Child of 2  
Hi My little boy was diagnosed with ASD this year, Ive been reading with great interest. Whether its recognized or not all the symptoms are real and …

Should I tell my sister that I think her son has autism? 
My nephew is 6 years old and has atypical behavior. He doesn't look people in the eyes. When you hug him, he doesn't hug back. He just stands there …

Autism, SPD & spitting 
My son has Autism. He is 5 & I'm pretty sure he also has SPD. He has a lot of issues w/ mouthing objects, but his greatest joy is playing w/ his spit …

Have 1 child with SPD, does that increase my risk of having a child with autism? 
My son has SPD (sensory seeking). I am thinking about having a second child but am afraid that since my child has SPD that may put me at a higher risk …

Excessive itching in autistic child 
My son is autistic and has increasingly complained about itching, to the point that he is miserable. I don't believe it is the result of an allergy, but …

SPD and the autism spectrum 
Are children diagnosed with SPD autistic as well, or is this a separate diagnosis?

My little brother is five years old and has autism. He doesn't talk and all he eats is meat and junk. How can I help him?

Finally Diagnosed/Still Concerned 
Hi, I haven't posted anything in awhile. My son was finally evaluated in October 2008. He was diagnosed with 47xyy syndrome, sensory processing disorder, …

Questions about SPD and Autism 
Hi-- My 25 month old son has many of the symptoms of SPD. He has been in speech therapy for 8 weeks and is just about to be diagnosed by an OT w/ SPD. …

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SPD vs Autism  
What is the difference between SPD and Autism and how can I get a printed resource to show my son's teacher?

Sue Keasler, M.S. ed. PreK classroom teacher of at-risk students 
I am a teacher of at-risk 3-5 year olds in the public school setting. This is my 20th year, and I am both fascinated and baffled by SPD & autism. It …

SPD and Autism 
I have a son with many of the symptoms described. I have noticed that many of these symptoms also coincide with those of autistic children. Is SPD clinically …

Is SPD A Form Of Autism Or Aspergers? 
Is SPD a form of Autism or Aspergers? This is a good question and one that needs clarification for sure. Autism, Aspergers, and SPD are all different …

Autism Not rated yet
My grandson just turned two. He likes to spin in circles, lick the carpet, and doesn't talk much. He is very lovable at time but likes to hit also. He's …

Psychology student Not rated yet
I think about my nephew, diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, also known as autism spectrum disorder. ASD is characterized by significant difficulties …

SPD versus Highly Functioning Autism Not rated yet
I am trying to self-diagnose myself. I took the AQ test and scored 43 out of 50, the possibility of me being autistic is 80%. However, many of the symptoms …

My two year old covers ears with loud sounds and he doesn't like wearing new clothes Not rated yet
Do you think any of these signs sounds like autism as my ten year old son with autism has the same symptoms with sound and clothing ?

Frequent urination Not rated yet
My 10 year old son has been having problems with his urine. He urinates every other couple of minutes and often with excruciating pain? We have contacted …


' MyOki ' a product that needs to be shared ! Not rated yet
Hello, My name is Kerry and I have been developing and designing a product over the past 4 years which may be of great interest to you... It is a therapeutic …

Autistic/ADD/SPD Adults Exist Not rated yet
I understand your page is focusing on early intervention w/young children & will understandably be parent-centered, but there are thousands if not millions …

Challenging behaviour increased Not rated yet
Young male with Autism, blind and has poor mobility lives with his parents. His mother reports that his behavior has become more challenging and insists …

Chelsea Lord, Student at NorQuest College Not rated yet
Hi. I don't have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) but I have Asperger Syndrome *(High Functioning or Mild Autism) and have some sensory sensitivities …

Autism or SPD? Not rated yet
My son was diagnosed with Autism last year, he is 5, but also he has profound hearing loss in both ears. He has a cochlear implant so we don't really …

Autism  Not rated yet
I have an Autistic sister who is almost always misunderstood she bites her hand because she knows that people react to it and gets attention. What do you …

Sensory Integration and Praxis Test and Autism Not rated yet
I was wondering if the SIP test can be administered on a severe/moderately autistic child. Does anyone have any knowledge of the usefulness of this test …

Autism and Aspergers In The Family Not rated yet
This forum is for parents and carers of children/Adults with ASD's, diagnosed/undiagnosed. The link to the forum …

Mom  Not rated yet
In my opinion; Autism/SPD go HAND-In-HAND. As seen by my own personal experiences, as well as those of many of my biological family members. Most …

Autism ASD and sensory difficulties Not rated yet
Do you know if there are statistics available to say how many people on the ASD spectrum have sensory processing difficulties?

Engaging Autism Not rated yet
This is a very detailed book for any parent that has a child on the spectrum. Stanley Greenspan M.D has treated thousands of children with autism. He …

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