Son may have SPD, need help getting assessment.

by Momof3boys

My son is 9 years old. What brought me to this site is quirky behaviors and constant humming. I've been researching "constant humming in children", and have read that autistic children hum (he's not autistic), gifted children hum (maybe), and this may also be a symptom of sensory processing disorder (more likely). He has been humming since he was three months old. It seems to sooth him. I thought he would grow out of it, however he is humming more then ever these days. From what I've read so far sensory process disorder makes the most sense. I've always thought that there is something going on with him, but can't quite put my finger on it. He has not had too many behavior issues in school, he is quiet, but at home he can be a real challenge. He does have trouble with focus, yet at other times he gets so focused that you can't even speak to him. At home he hums constantly, when playing, watching TV, doing homework, etc. The humming is just one behavior, however he has other behaviors that make me wonder what is going on with him, and several from the list of SPD signs.

He seems to have a problem with perceiving personal space, he is sensitive to touch, he has a really difficult time focusing if someone else is talking in a different room (at home this is when he lashes out, and at school I think this is when he gets really quiet). At school I think he is missing out on learning because he doesn't focus, and withdraws, whereas at home when he can't focus or cope with the what he perceives as noise he gets frustrated and lashes out at either a us, his brothers, or what ever object may have offended him. Every teacher he has had, in our first interview with them have said that they haven't quite "figured" him out yet.

When you talk to him about subjects, he knows about them, but he can't seem to communicate his thoughts on paper efficiently. He progresses slowly through the beginning of the school year but by Feb or so things click and he gets good grades. He is fearless/impulsive, and has never cried or even flinched when getting his vaccination shots, yet it is the end of the world if he gets a bug bite, totally obsessing over it. One other thing he has always done is clench his toes, curl them under and either walk on them, or just sit on the floor with his legs extended, toes curled and whole body clenched (since he could sit). Whats up with that? Does it sound like he could have this disorder? He is smart, has a great sense of humor, and quite pleasant. He just seems to get over-stimulated often. I want to be able to help him, to be able to cope better myself because his behavior at home can be pretty challenging. Any OT specialist I can talk to in the Ottawa Ontario area?

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