10 month old - WORRIED

by Kim

I think my son might have SPD, or some form of it, or who knows... He is hitting all his milestones thus far, but when he is excited he gets REALLY excited. He overextends his arms and legs and strains his face really hard. We can sometimes redirect, but sometimes he just MUST do this. Esp when he is around the cat.

My speech-path friend got me to call ECI, and they're coming next week. What tips might you have??? I know he is HYPERsensitive and deep pressure is recommended, but what else??

And I'm sorry, but when I see SPD always following Autism, or Aspbergers, I want to cry. I just do. I hate the not knowing factor. He is a beautiful amazing little boy.. he has great eye contact, he always responds to his name/us, he engages in play ALL the time, he crawls, he babbles here and there.. he pulls up on everything. He is amazing.. but this straining/hypersensitivity thing has me REALLY worried. Please respond..

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