10 months old baby still not eating

by Ngan

Hi, my baby girl is 10.5 months old. Since birth, she never really put anything like toys, or teether in her mouth. We started solid at 6 months, she refused to open her mouth.

She never opens her mouth and turns her head away when something comes close to her mouth. We tried blw, spoon feed, nothing work. She played with food in the tray but never out it her mouth. But she accepts bottle fine. But refuses to hold her own bottle, every time i let her touch bottle, she stops the feed and doesn’t want to go back to bottle.

I sent her to daycare so she can watch other babies and learn to feed herself but no luck yet. We let her play with puree so she can feel the texture but still don’t work. She only drinks milk and she starves herself in daycare, refuses feed from teachers. Im breaking down because i dont know what to do to help her. Anyone having same issue?

Please help.

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Apr 26, 2021
10mth old not eating response
by: MaryC

Sorry, do not have this experience. What does doctor say? Is there a pediatric therapist (I think it's occupational) you can be referred to? Try nearby children's hospital.

This may sound like a weird question, and very well may not be the case, but I am trying to think for the benefit of your child... any chance your child has visual deficiency? Above therapist may be able to help determine what's going on. Any past Gastro issues?

Praying for you.

Apr 26, 2021
Growing Independent Eaters
by: Anonymous

Search for growing independent eaters on Facebook and join their Facebook page. I had success with my child who didn’t eat and had a gastorstomy because of it to start eating at the age of 3.5 years thanks to the programs offered by growing independent eaters. They were a huge game changer because of their in depth knowledge of many cases like ours. They have worked with thousands of families.
Good luck

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