10 year old boy with SPD and voice tic

by Andrea
(Brookfield, WI)

My son has recently developed a voice tic that has become worse in the last couple weeks. He has just been diagnosed with SPD a couple of days ago. He has always been an amazing student, great athlete and has plenty of friends. This is why it has taken me so long to put his whole story and history together. It has now taken over and the 'symptoms' are very noticeable to his dad and I and his 2 siblings. He 'holds it together' all day and around other people, but once he is home he is out of control and the voice tic is non stop. He also has major anxiety about playing sports and always has a stomach ache on the way to school. Could this be directly stemmed to the fact that he has to try so hard to function in a normal environment and it makes him nervous?

I notice if I massage and scratch him the noises subside. Do you think this voice tic has developed because of the stress of living with SPD and compensating for his sensory issues? Do you think the voice tic will eventually subside now that he will start therapy and I fully understand his world? How do I reverse his thinking that he thinks he is abnormal and "something is wrong with me"? It makes me really sad. Any input and advice would be appreciated.

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