11 year old daughter, not sure.

My daughter is 11 and shows some of these signs. Looking back this has been going on for a while. She has always had a tick of opening her mouth really wide when excited and intensely staring at an object, even now and doesnt realize shes doing it. She needs contant touch. Ever since she was able to controll her hands they were always rubbing her own elbow of who evers was closest to her. She neede constant touch to fall asleep as a baby too. Today is is struggling with learning to tie shoes, buttons, zippers, belts and just over aal appearance. The way she eays is sloppy not caring if food is all over her face and this is getting negative attention from other kids at school.The TV is always very loud and she cant sleep without it. I was worried that she wasnt maturing as quickly as other kids and now Im wondering if this has something to do with it. I get frustrated that it seems like shes just not interested in learning or wanting to do thrse thing but now Im just concerned. I wonder why the teachers at school have never mentioned any concerns that might have led me to research this faster.

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