11 yr. old with possible Sensory Processing Disorder

(orange county, california)

We have an 11 year son who we think has been misdiagnosed with 'general anxiety'. History: He cried nonstop as an infant, was diagnosed with acid reflux at 2 months old, started vomiting alot when 2 yrs. old and stopped eating many foods. Started to see a therapy group then was basically given up on and transferred to a child psychiatrist. He only eats french fries, chocolate milk, wheat bread, apples, fruit snack and some candies.

He was diagnosed with "general anxiety" at the age of 6 and was put on Prozac and we were told that he would grow out of it with age. We think that maybe he is going thru the wrong treatment. We recently found out that he has not been swallowing his prozac and has been secretly spitting it out. So he has not had medications maybe for 3 weeks. He is now going through a crisis and a emotional breakdown. PlEASE HELP - any ideas what to do ?

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Jul 24, 2014
Non-drug Answer
by: Anonymous

It sounds as though your son has an issue with sensory integration and neural regulation. This can manifest as physical irritability, sensitivity to sensory experiences, and emotional reactionism. At Cerebral Fitness Inc in Orange County CA we offer Occupational Therapy incorporating Neurofeedback to treat this type of problem. We can train the nervous system to better self-regulate and reduce or eliminate negative symptoms. We can provide school/IEP sensory diets, accommodations, strategies, and goals. Good luck with your child and God speed.
Dr DeLaCroix

Nov 16, 2012
Therapuetic Listening
by: Anonymous

Being that it is two years out since you posted this... you may have already heard about and tried therapeutic listening for sensory processing issues. If not I highly recommend you look into and try it... It has amazing results that are life changing!!!

Mar 01, 2010
Response to possible SPD
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your comments. He is not autistic and reacts very well in social environments and has many friends. His main issue all along has been the eating issue of trying new things. Just won't do it and if he tries he gags and almost chokes. We are now looking into possible help with SPD.


Feb 28, 2010
11 yr old with SPD
by: Anonymous


I have to say my son has autism and spd it kind of goes hand in hand. Your son and my son had the same beginnings..acid reflux, difficult baby.

You are experiencing yrs of anxiety and possible sensory overload due to environmental stimuli.

I'd say one if he can talk about it and tell you you can find out which sensory issue he has, is it auditory? can't stand loud noises, proprioceptive? feels a lot of "out of body experiences" like something is off...
proprioceptive is like he needs to feel where his body is in space.
vestibular has some of the same issues....yet may have a craving to spin.

Try and pinpoint the reason for his issues. His behaviors may be due to school environment. Hows his sleep? Does he seem anxious all the time?
Do you feel like his crisis is only at a certain time of day? A lot of what he is eating isn't healthy...and im not lecturing at all I know what it is like to have a child not eat healthy foods and now is not the time to try...but maybe hes feeling not so good because of this.
Could he have hypoglycemia crashes?

Describe a bit more.

Prozac is for anxiety at least thats what a friend of mine is giving her autistic son.

Did you ever take him to a Developmental Ped.?

Is he defiant in his behavior? does he cry alot during these emotional breakdowns?

I hope i was able to help you in some way...
Sorry. if not...

Take care,


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