12 year old daughter

by Lisa

My daughter is 12 she had her first menstrual period she has adhd and is medicated. We were doing well until Thanksgiving day and the day after. Today she had tantrum. Once in the car she wouldnt get out so i left her their. She started licking and pounding on the window so i calmed her down and got her out of the car.

We had a talk about her behavior and she seemed to get it and then the next day she got upset because i ask her what was the matter because she looked upset (i guess thats my worries because i live on egg shells) and she stomped down the stairs stomping around in the living room. she grab the dog pulling his ears and flicking him and she had a blank stare almost manic. I got the dog away and she laid on the couch kicking and hiding her head in the pillows so i held her down and calmed her

I tried ignoring her but it seemed like that didnt work


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