12yr old-special needs- cerbral palsy-impulsive aggressive behavior

by Cynthia Morales
(Dallas, tx,)

October 2013 my son had just turned 12 when this behavior started. He already has challenges such as developmental delay. he has cerbral palsy but mild. he can get around by himself. very independent. Well since he turned 12 now when he sees a girl he likes seems like without thinking he goes to her tries to hug and kiss her but ends up holding on to her so tight pulling her hair and biting. once we get him away from her he goes into this tantrum o meldown where he doesn't hear what nobody is saying and starts being destructive trying to destroy and bite whoever is holding him down.

he is taking seizure medicine
but I would like to know if anybody else has gone through this and what was done? School is about to start and I am so scared to send him back

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