13 month old refuses to wear shoes

My son refuses to wear shoes. He screams non stop will not stand up just goes limp. We have tried several different shoes it does not matter he just freaks out the minute they are on his feet. He also refuses to take baths he has the same reaction. He scream as if he is terrified. His dad put some shaving cream on his hand this morning and once again the screaming started. We thought he would like playing with the shaving cream but he hated it.

Any suggestions on the shoes would be very greatly appreciated. His daycare will not allow him to go outside and its just a necessity to wear shoes.

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May 17, 2011
socks and shoes
by: Caro

Hi, my son had the same problem. it took us months of trying different shoes. for us crocks work well. after we found out that wide tennis shoes were wide enough for him, we realized that they couldn't be tall at the back, like basket ball tennis shoes. at first we used velcro and we put them really really loose...we are still having troubles with shoes, but its better now, and sandals work ok too. you can get wide sandals at target or payless ... i hope your son gets better...

sometimes i let him go with out shoes to a family members house or something like that and if the floor was hot he got mad. i used to tell him if you want i can bring your shoes so you can go play, but it wasn't like something he just did, it was kind like i can help you...and one day he just agreed and started wearing shoes...
good luck!!

May 22, 2010
I've been there before
by: Jessica

My son had the same problem for a long time. We finally started putting looser sandals on him that he would be fine with - the kinda foam type. The "crocs" type sandals for the pool seem to work OK for a lot of SPD kids. They are light, somewhat sturdy, don't constrict the foot, but have some support. The kids can learn to have something on their feet without the need for straps or tying.

Summer is a good time to try these out because he doesn't need socks and then you can gradually get to something more like slip on canvas shoes.

What I've heard from other moms (and my son was the same way) is that the feeling on the bottom of their feet and the constriction around their foot is what keeps them from wanting them. My son wouldn't walk on certain carpeting or in grass barefoot either. He also wouldn't wear socks (especially over the ankle or with seams) for a really long time - now they have to be same, but really tight - it actually went the other way.

See what you can find out there that is loose enough fitting that he can "get away with" at school. If he can take them off during indoor play, that may help him also. My son was/is super clumsy and the shoes made it worse, but OT is helping with that.

Good luck and keep it up, you'll get through the ups and downs, don't worry. Keep asking for help & support and try to have patience with him - it's just as hard for him, but he doesn't know how to tell you what's going on. That's why it's great for you to research it. -J

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