13 year old daughter with sensory processing disorder and ADHD

by Coralie

My daughter just turned 13. She entered a new school at the beginning of this year. It is quite a bit bigger and noisier. She has struggled with focusing and paying attention for a few years, but a few months ago was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD.

She has always had certain sensitivities, but this year I am seeing evidence of a sensory processing disorder. Sounds are amplified for her x1000. At times, she needs extended hugs, and other times she cannot tolerate touch. She escapes class most days because, in her words "the noise hurts my skin",and lately seems to spend the majority of her day in the office or resource room. Headphones help to an extent, but can't shut out all noise. She is falling behind in math and science, and the last few weeks has not been able to even enter the gym class.

I have tried changing her diet, and that seems to help somewhat, but not enough for her to function properly. I need whatever help you can offer. Thank you in advance for whatever advice you have!

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