13 years and Struggling

by Teresa
(Fairbanks, Alaska)

My son, has had sensory issues, since I can remember, My concerns were ignored whenever I brought up to his teachers. Every time I suggested how to help him they were ignored.

The school system tried to tell me he was ADHD, and I told them if my son was ADHD then he would have it 24/7, and I told them if he was ADHD I would not medicate him, that when I was a child going to school the teachers adapated to each child in their classroom, and taught the children how they learned, instead of 20+ students adapting to one teacher.

I read the book "The Out of Sync Child" and as I was reading I was like Oh my God this is my son to a T, I brought this information to his teachers and administrators at his school, I was ignored once again, They would of rather labeled him a "Problem Child" and me a "Confrontational Mother".

This has been going on since my son entered the school system, he is now 13, and I am still being ignored as a parent, they won't listen to the ways of how to help him, they would much rather give him Discipline Reports on his "Bad" behavior.

I am at my wits end with the school system here. I can be blue in the face, or I could be talking to the wall when I speak with them. They don't want to help my son, they would rather see him struggle, and not be the student I know he can be.

Luckily, my friend who is a nurse noticed his behavior the other night, and said "Oh he has Sensory Issues", I was like "OMG you can see that too, its not just me!!!"

I now have a Parent Advocate, that will go with me when I AGAIN meet with the staff at my son's school. Hopefully this time I will not be ignored, and actually listened too.

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Sep 01, 2011
put your energy in getting him better
by: Anonymous

Don't put your energy into the schools and teachers right now. The best thing you can do for your son is get him to an Occupational Therapist ASAP....They can help him and then he will be better in class. Hope this helps.

Aug 30, 2011
comments for 13 years and struggling
by: Anonymous

You are adamantly trying to tell the school authorities what they don't want to hear. You have to find another better way so that you can genuinely get the help your son needs.

You have to find the right authority to get an evaluation for your son, get a report. Armed with that you can see the school authorities and explain to them that it is not just your imagination. If your son has a problem, he does need to see a medical person and follow their advise about medication and therapy.Your son is obviously not get the proper help while there's an ongoing battle with the school.

Aug 29, 2011
have 11 yr old doing the same
by: marina

Your son needs to be seen by a occupational therapist. I was unaware of the sensory issues my son had although i kept telling people much like you.
I fought for a statement for him funnily just before he got this in may he was permanently excluded for hitting a teacher as his agreed educational plan was not followed.

He is about to start secondary in the nurture class, i am awaiting another tribuneral to get a named school place for him. it is a nightmare go to your gp and ask for an ot assessment please

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