13 years old and still uncomfortable

by Abby

Ever since I was born, I had over-sensitivity problems with my hearing and touching senses. I'm now 13 years old and even though I was said to have gotten over it, there are still some things that make me uncomfortable. They were all on the checklist. I am extremely sensitive to loud and sharp noises, such as fireworks, balloons popping, and dogs barking. Actually, at parties when there are balloon games where you have to pop them, I always have to go far away to another room because they hurt my ears. Everyone makes fun of me. Also, getting my hands dirty is really uncomfortable for me. And people touching me from behind. My friend does that and I usually scream and then she's like, "why did you scream?". And things with weird textures, like velvet. And also, I hate lotion because it makes me feel slimy.

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