14 month old - SPD or not?

by Candi

My son is only fourteen months old, but he has had some behavior that has concerned me for awhile. Getting him to eat new textures is one thing that has been really trying. He will only eat puree OR bar shaped food. Once that food gets sticky with his spit, though? He's done. He used to have high anxiety about baths, but now loves them. He's now doing the same with food. He's also been showing other concerning signs, though. I just don't know how to tell the difference between him being SPD or just a normal toddler.

I did notice when he walks he walks with his right foot tippy toed. He hates the process of getting clothes on, but doesn't mind wearing them. For awhile, anyway. He will eventually start throwing a tantrum after a couple of hours in regards to the clothes. He also does calm down when you play Sensory Baby Videos or high contrast videos. He starts covering his ears (not pulling) and he also covers his eyes.

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