15 who can't walk into restaurants without gagging?! HELP

by Mel

So i'm 15 and as a child, i would never be able to eat to my full capacity because every time i would, the walk out of the restaurant would lead me to gag and then proceed to throw up. Over the years, I've learned to focus my attention to other things to endure the walk out of the restaurant but lately, i've struggled to control it and ended up throwing up after most of my meals. Sometimes it can happen hours after eating a meal. Like when i'm brushing my teeth and the minty sweet taste triggers my gag reflex.

After reading this checklist, i've noticed that a lot of these have happened and i can relate to them. My parents noticed the symptoms my whole life but they've never associated it to SPD. Now that i researched this disorder, i feel like theres a large possibility that i could have minor SPD but i might be overreacting. I'm really afraid that this could lead to the same results of bulimia even though i don't have bulimia.

What are some opinions?

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